Rahul’s solution for Local Tutor Crisis

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July 26, 2017

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The story of Rahul who struggled to find a local tutor, who would be competent enough to aid him recovering his old enthusiasm in academics. Belonging to the lower-middle-class family, Rahul’s parents couldn’t provide him with luxuries but still, they left no stone unturned when it came to his Education. Rahul understood the value of their sacrifices. He was always a diligent student. It was all picture perfect till he was in Middle school. He used to bring high scores and always won accolades from his teachers. Rahul’s parents couldn’t be happier. It was 8th standard when he realised he needed some extra help in his studies in the form of a Tutor.

Finding a Local Tutor

Rahul’s parents at once set out to find a qualified teacher in the locality searching high and low. They soon discerned that it was not a piece of cake after experiencing one impediment after another. Some recommended tutors simply denied to take Rahul as their student and some put forth inconvenient terms before his parents.
One of them refused to teach him because of his below-average marks.
Other Tutors clarified that they don’t visit their student’s home for giving tuitions.
and the rest of the tutors refused by saying that they can’t accommodate Rahul mid-way during the School Year.
In the next class test, his less than expected scored horrified them and in their desperation, n they turned to some tutor without running a background check.

Experience with the Local Tutor

For the first few weeks, the appointed tutor seemed very helpful. She proved to be very attentive towards Rahul and the problems that he has been facing for so long. His parents felt relieved until the moment they were holding his class-test report card. His scores didn’t meet their expectations again. Rahul was making lesser mistakes but still, his answers seemed confusing and they got him low scores. After having a conversation with Rahul about this he finally confessed the issues he had with the new Tutor,

  • Firstly, there was the language barrier. The tutor was more conversant in Hindi than English even though Rahul had an English background.
  • The different method of solving a sum led to confusing Rahul about the correct method of obtaining the solution and he committed several mistakes.
  • After a couple of weeks, Tutor started scolding Rahul which made Rahul a bit unwilling to studying Math & Sciences at home.
  • His tutor was fast-paced and focussed on getting the syllabus completed only.
  • Tutor’s absenteeism has increased. Whether she was genuinely committed and devoted to helping Rahul was doubtful.
  • During tutoring, she was constantly interrupted by Mobile Calls & Text Message.

Against all Odds, they decided to terminate the tutor. They could not compromise with Rahul’s future. Read more to uncover how Rahul found the solution of his problem and won over the Crisis of Local Tutors.

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