Posted by Gaurav Sneh
July 21, 2017

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Rape is considered a woman’s issue, hardly the case and partly a literary taboo when conveyed from a female prospective.Rape is not often talked about. In our social settings, young women who speak out about their attacks are often ostracized by their peers, and the feeling of shame and embarrassment can be more stressful than the rape itself.

He drew her hidden uterus, ovaries invading all the secretiveness.

We intend to have a civilizing affect on people with our so called values when we lack even the basic human quality of being humane. Physical and sexual assault is a crime against humanity, not manhood.We are proud Indians talking about unity in diversity,religion, culture that puts us forward of anything in this world and at the same time violate God’s most beautiful creation on earth! The most so called normalized violence against women is collectivized sexual violence by communities, agents of the state and caste groups who thinks of themselves as above the law. Fear is the legacy of rape.

They say one who is raped has been well chewed on, like a bone. The religious society doesn’t think of a raped woman to be fit for marriage. No one marry s her or even be friends with her. Society empathizes with her parents while their words still rips them apart. And you say it’s weak to commit suicide. The candle march, the political statements, the media, the public and yet justice against injustice rapes her again. Mercy to the teenager Ram Singh in Nirbhaya’s gang rape case , mocked the whole scene.

Shall I hear the lament of the nightingale, submissively lending my ear?Am I the rose to suffer its cry in silence year after year?The fire of verse gives me courage and bids me no more to be faint.With dust in my mouth I am abject; to God I make my complaint.

In our society, too often rape victims are forced to bear the burden of their attacks on their own due to victim-blaming. Statistics show that over 90% of rape victims are women and 98–99% of rapists are men, yet women are the ones responsible for preventing rape. Feminism is for everybody. It’s not a bond against men but a movement against sexism . It is urgent that men take up the banner of feminism and challenge patriarchy. The movement shouldn’t rest until the shame of rape is aimed where it should be: at perpetrators instead of victims.

Male victims of rape are considered weak, ignored and unimportant. Often male rape cases are bought into discussion to derail conversations about rape culture to invalidate the idea itself.

Any culture that endorse rigid gender roles is a rape culture. As a society, we need to take small steps in order to combat this rape culture. It’s not a problem that could be resolved overnight but a social threat that needs right attitude, understanding and education besides strict laws. Deal with rape not just sexism. Be respectful of others and teach men not to rape instead of teaching women to avoid rape. Oppose stereotypes and define your own sex expression.

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