Real reason behind Bengal unrest

Posted by Saed Aktar
July 8, 2017

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From the pre-historic time Bengal has been the most valued state of India…In the route to mission 2019 ,sangh runned Bjp’s biggest obstacles will be lack of dominance in Bengal,..Mamata banarjees growing influence in national politics is also becoming a throne in the path of Bjp…so keeping that in view RSS ,vhp started their mission to strengthen their root in Bengal…I wanna take you all back to past Ram navami where RSS showed their existence with a bang…as per as my Idea goes it was the first major Roar of RSS and Bjp about their existence….I also wanna make comparison between two tenures of Mamata banarjee..the First tenure was free from any major inter religion riots..then what happened so drastic in past 2 ,3 years that suddenly the rate of communal clashes became so high….Let me point out the difference….In her first tenure,majority of times Congress was in power at centre…while in their second tenure Bjp is in centre…that’s the major difference…The bjp are trying to enhance their domination in those states where their govt. is not in power by appointing Governor who are lapdogs of RSS …..the conflict between cm and governor breaks down the entire machinery which is resulting weak governance…While many minority are falling prey to RSS traps by responding to their provocation….while amongst those minorities there are some who are trying to spread wahabism in lieu of communalism.. So that they can spread the business of smuggling goods from or to Bangladesh….while there are also people like Barkati who wanted to gather political identity… These all are the reason for which there is unrest in Bengal….I hope people realises this evil plans of those devils and kick this communal politics in Bay of Bengal..
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