Received Govt. of India Income Tax Notice! How Property was purchased! Great leadership!

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 20, 2017

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A person who works with me in Security received at notice while at my place which came from Govt. of India Income Tax Department in my mother’s name that how a property was purchased which I think was done in year 2008 (it’s 2017 now).

The person asked me if it was like harassment and a way to make poorer people happy. I said this is great leadership by our PM to make things better in India! So many people in India are suffering due to not getting their apartment for several years after paying to builders. Many people might be using electricity without paying for it due to paying a very low fixed amount to the electricians who provide them direct supply for their homes, shops and other places. The person who works in Security told me about it. Moreover, the quality of construction seems generally poor or not great. Someone having construction testing work had told me that the construction quality of many apartment complexes in the area is poor relative to the earthquake threat in the area.

Imagine if the people had got their apartments on time then they might have spent the same money on higher quality milk, food and other things for their children and family in general and that could’ve further helped the society and environment. Imagine if the people were paying for the electricity they were using then how that would have helped the society and environment.

Imagine if China was doing a lot more construction work in India like it’s contributing to the Metro work in India and how the many Indians are buying a variety of products made in China. You might have seen what happens to the road conditions around you and in news during the rains. You might also get value from this article: Can China also contribute to quality construction related work in India?

Moreover, I had shared with my father to sell the apartment years ago and to try and move to another country since the many highly capable Indians have been moving internationally and then also contributing to bringing valuable products and services to India. He used to say that he has his Satsang in India and that he can find prayers here. I used to tell him that the head of the Satsang in India has sent his daughters to the US and they’ve had their children in the US and that Satsang people are also in the US, Canada and other countries.

You might know that the children of highly wealthy Indians including the leaders of the top Indian companies are growing in several developed countries and producing more children there. Why don’t they produce and grow here given their wealth? Perhaps they didn’t find the conditions great for their children, elders and family in general? With such efforts of our leadership, things can become great here also! I do wish to move from here when I can and contribute from around our world when I can and which might also help me to see, meet and learn more about the top Indians.

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It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


My father shared that I shouldn’t share such things online and that I should delete it. He meant related to the notice. I think this is great leadership by our PM! India’s global leadership is growing!

UPDATED few hours after writing the above article

Someone commented on my Facebook post :

My reply:

An IT professional girl had asked me some days ago that how can she do her own work because till when she’ll travel so much for work. The air quality is severely harmful for humans in this region in general and the traffic is also generally slow or congested during office hours and which combined can be severely harmful and then the people earning might spend a lot on doctors, clinics, hospital, chemists and medicines over the years and also have poor to very poor life.

I shared with her about a freelance website and also that she can do web design work which I might be able to give her.

I also shared with her this: Reliance has hired a lady of Chinese background as VP to grow its ecommerce business by growing relations with vendors in China. Since you’re interested in fashion, we can also try to grow relations with vendors from China and around our world. Our PM is supporting to bring quality from around our world. Perhaps that will at least help us to get proper human like air, water, food and land quality. Best Wishes!

Even if her own work doesn’t grow enough, she could later try to work for a top Indian company like Reliance with her experience.


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