Retired IPS harasses a woman

Posted by Mosiur Rehman
July 19, 2017

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We live in a country where women are harassed by men in public, private or on social media. This harassment is very common and men have taken it for granted that they could say anything to any woman and they are obliged to listen to them. Have men ever imagined if women were given the upper hand what would have happened to them? We are progressing each day and with every passing day this nation is gathering dirt and those who have served the nation, they are bringing this bad name.

A person whose social media profile claims that he had been a Director General at Indian Police Service(IPS) had texted an image of male genital to a Pakistani writer on her Facebook account. When he found no response from her, he wrote “I want to fuck you”. This is so cheap! This old man has no work and he looks up for women online and texts them these shitty messages. The recipient of the message had reported his profile and blocked him as soon as she saw his messages. People who have served such higher positions are doing these heinous things!

I warn everyone to report this profile and stay away from this man. I also request the Indian government(if they care) to take strict measures against this cyber harassment. People like him are giving a bad name to India. We must prove that there are good people in India also.



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