Saluting The Real Heroes – Indian Army

Posted by Neha Sharma
July 2, 2017




Thought of writing this since long and finally penning down my thoughts of what life of army children is all about ? My dad has been serving in the Indian Army for the last 36 years .

We were always on the move and in a constant cycle of packing up , unpacking and resettling at a new house & location . Just when we got with the current city , it was time to explore another city .

We were always ready for an adventure &  learn . My childhood memories are those of travelling to different cities of India , changing multiple schools and making lot of friends , who I am still in touch with over the years . The joy of studying in different schools was an experience in itself .

Growing up in old army cantonments , living in barrack type houses surrounded by wide open green spaces  – a world within a world . Going in army trucks to school , having the joy ride in Dads gypsy , the officers mess parties , the tank rides , enjoying the sports facilities – the experience has always been thrilling .

However everything is not rosy . More often than usual we do live in uncertainity .There have been times when I couldn’t see my father for months when he used to out for exercise on J&K border . Wait for him to be with me on my birthday , attend PTA meets or just go out for dinner together .

Wait near the telephone for the phone call to come and just listen to dads voice for a little time during the day .. Wait for him to come and make me study mathematics – his favourite subject .

Life is a lot tough and not how others usually claiming it as “aish ki zindagi” . It does not promise you a bed of roses , nor does it assure you of materialistic luxuries , yet the life it offers is unmatched .

They Lead By Example , Live by Chance & Love by Choice .

There has been no other better phase of my life than growing up in Army environment .

As they say “ Some Heroes wear capes , my hero wears combat boots “ .


  • Proud Generals Daughter .

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