Posted by Prerna Avasthi
July 14, 2017

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.“Prince , kya hua beta ? Why are you crying?”

“Mam I am a bad boy. Everybody hates me, mam”.

Sappling is a small plant looking for love and affection just like a kid .Its delicate like Kids in this story, I compare a kid with sappling let’s see how a child looks upto his parents to know wht he or she is capable off. Isn’t it ?

Hello everyone , My name is Prerna and I am an intern with LCF Foundation (NGO) and this is a real story. I teach English to poor kids. As and when I started communicating more and more with these kids they started sharing their problems with me. They don’t have proper speaking, reading and writing skills in English, as there’s no english teacher in the school they said, thats when I started teaching them english. Gradually I was getting exposed to how these kids were illtreated and were beaten up by sticks. When One day this incident happened, while I was entering in the school and heard someone weeping behind the door. It was Prince a 7th class student. What happen? Why you crying. I inquired.

I asked him quite a number of times. After sometime Prince started sharing his story by saying. ‘Mam aap kisi ko mat batana’. He told me that his parents keep demotivating him by saying he cannot do anything good in life.

All his school teachers keep cursing and beating him. Poor child felt useless and helpless, all this happened because he failed in his exams. I hugged him and asked him to come tomorrow, He’s going to get all his answers tomorrow. That very day I requested my team coordinator to have a seminar on motivation for students all well as for thier parents.

Next morning I explained all the kids that each of them is capable of doing everything in life. Marks are nothing but just a number. Its ok if they didn’t score well. How one should keep working hard and have faith,is far more important.

On other hand I requested all parents to encourage their kids in every possible way, irrespective of what they score in exam. Use words like ‘I Love You’, ‘You are the best…’ Such words encourage the students to do well because they start feeling good about themselves. And its very important for kids to know they are good enough, Lets not drag them all to the bad competition and keep things healthy.

Today I am using my blog as a platform to aware all the parents for how important motivation is. Parents don’t realise but their words leave a great impact on the tender minds. We all watch Aamir Khan’s movie (Tarre Jameen Par) but do we learn something from it. If you’ll keep cursing your sappling it will die. Lets treat our sapplings with all the love and affection to create a wave of happiness for the world, Because they are all our future, let them smile. Everbody is unique. Accept them as they are stop forcing your opinions on the little ones and allow them to fly. Help them and support them but never discourge them.


Thank you for reading .

Have a great day.

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