Say no to Suicide

Posted by Shayani Sarkar
July 7, 2017


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This post is dedicated to all those students who have given their board examsthis year.
I scored 79.8 percent in class 10 , probably the lowest in my class. I knew very well that i scored very low but it was the support of my parents who kept on telling me that i scored pretty well .I was very interested in literature so i took up humanities , I got admission to a very good school in Calcutta . So i thought that since i took up the subjects of my choice i will score pretty well from now on . But it was not easy .Again history repeated itself . I scored 80 percent in class 12 whereas most of my classmates scored above 90 percent . As fate had it the next few days were not easy for me .I did not get my favorite subject which was English .
I settled for Political Science as i got in a very reputed college in Kolkata . As always i always promised myself that this time i would study very hard and do very well in college ,I tried my level best but in the 3 years even though i enjoyed my college life , the professors were very good i could not score even 50 percent . So i could not even apply to the top government colleges in India . I was lucky enough to get it tho a top private college which scored much higher than my expectations and i did fairly well – for the first time in my life i was appreciated and accepted for who i am . I realized that the only reason i could not score is because i was not used to the conventional style of education i could not mug up .I scored far better in analytical questions , i was better in writing papers and giving presentations because i could understand , learn and put my views.I scored well in my masters and i will start working in a top non governmental organization in a month .
I am doing what i always wanted to do .
I could have given up but i knew i will definitely succeed one day i just kept on working hard , i will continue to and i am confident the results will be positive .
Today what made me be bold enough to share this with you .I wanted to.tell you that A.few numbers cannot determine your potential.L
ife is much more than your report card in board exams .
To conclude ” I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me .”
Do what you love , the rest will follow.

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