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How An Engineer Turned His Life Around Using Geometry

Posted by Pragati Agarwal in Art
July 4, 2017

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In 27+ years of my experience, I have come across a mosaic of artworks. Yet, the contemporary artists do not fail to surprise me when it comes to innovation and the variety of approaches the artists employ to express themselves. One such art form which recently piqued my interest is Geometric Abstract.

Geometric Abstract is a style of art which is based on the use of geometric forms. Historically, geometric abstraction is present among many cultures throughout history both as decorative motifs and as art pieces themselves. Islamic art, in its prohibition of depicting religious figures, is a prime example of this geometric pattern-based art, which existed centuries before the movement in Europe and in many ways influenced this Western school. Aligned with and often used in the architecture of Islamic civilizations spanning the 7th century-20th century, geometric patterns were used to visually connect spirituality with science and art, both of which were key to Islamic thought of the time.

One contemporary artist who indulges in this not-so-popular art form is A. Sreedharan. This form is his voice, a powerful influence to express his deepest thoughts, fears, aspirations hidden emotions and desires. He creates images that are derived from personal experiences and the desire to explore, which are better communicated through paintings than the spoken word.

Being an engineer by craft and artist by temperament, it was easy for Sreedharan to relate the geometric figures and to convey his thoughts and feelings. He forayed into art about 2 years ago, but his use of vibrant colors and distinct patterns have helped him create a niche and name for himself.  The usage and placement of the patterns are a highlight of his work and he uses the color palette with extreme comfort and to his advantage. The colors he chooses convey a sense of happiness and achievement and inner peace.

Sreedharan mostly works with standardised geometric patterns using vivid colors on white backgrounds giving a sense of the stark in sync with the emotions of life. His representation of life may appear simple but is associated with deep meanings and complexity; amplified by the use of bold colours. He tends to draw an analogy between mundane and sublime, synthesizing new insights every day.

Sreedharan was lured into geometric abstract because of his training in engineering.  Shapes never failed to fascinate him. This fascination paved way to attraction and then expression- finally leading him into this direction.  Through his paintings, he makes an attempt to shed light on the positive aspects of life- urging the viewer to not feel burdened by life, rather celebrate it.

With Piet Mondrian being the major influence and like a true follower, Sreedharan too aims to reconcile his paintings with his spiritual pursuits. He is adding circles, lines merging rectangles and other patterns to his colourful repertoire.

Go check out his latest solo endeavor- Fragments at Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from July 5 to July 9, 2017.

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