Seeking towards the meaning of life…?

Posted by Deepthi Sehrawat
July 15, 2017

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Oh my respected and loving supreme power!!

I don’t know whether u exist or not…!!

Whether someday I will meet you or not…!!

I don’t know whether you will do justice to this world or not …!!

But I have a firm belief. You do hear me…Although you don’t answer me on the spot in the way I am asking (referring you) but sooner or later you answer each and everyone on this planet. May be you queue up all the requests in a Ready Queue and you apply Round Robin Algorithm on the millions and trillions of requests you face on daily basis for fair justice.

So as a result of which the execution of the millions of requests may sometimes will take year to get into processing. Well, I am always in a complaining tone whenever I go through any sort of tough situations in my life. I start cursing my existence, my parents, the society, sometimes you and of course last but not the least i.e me itself. I don’t know why I become so timid and coward at the time of harsh situations in my life?? Don’t I have enough courage to handle the situation or I do want to escape from the silly problems because I actually don’t want to face it.

Human being (The MAN) is the most superior form of living being. The man is equipped with such an intelligent mind which has created so many inventions which were once impossible to think. But everything that we think was impossible in past in now a reality in present. Such is the power of a human being.

Power of imagining fantasy world…

Power of reading the unread mind…

Power of explaining the truth beyond…

Power of finding something beyond this universe…

Power of flying so high in the sky that even if the capacity is no more , still the person keeps flying with the internal determination of making his wings so strong that even if the worst climatic conditions try to destroy the wings , the stamina of the wings keep getting stronger and determined each and every second.

So of course every single person should be proud to be born as ‘Human being’ who is being gifted the most powerful and developed internal organ that is “BRAIN”. The brain is the only ruler else everything is controlled by it.

Wow…That’s great to know that the supreme power has gifted us with this most powerful weapon which can do just wonders. Everyone can reach the top. It’s not a myth but a reality. Because Newton never thought that he will come with a new phenomenon of GRAVITY just by the falling of a simple

apple on his head.. Isn’t it really strange? Yeah, it is!! But the principle of Gravity came into existence because it was not just another incidence for him but he made his mind think in that particular direction to find out the cause of it till the solution of it was not framed.

So even though brain is the most powerful organ but our senses, practice and determination can control our brain too. It is required otherwise there will be an imbalance and everything will finally demolish.

One more interesting funda is – we all keep saying “Dil to ye karne ko kehta hai par dimaag karne nahi deta…” Seriously don’t you think it is really foolish to think this way. Heart is just a pumping organ which pumps blood through the blood vessels carrying oxygen to the rest of the organs. Both the practical and emotional aspects of thinking are related to the different partitions of the brain.

We can think whatever we like to think. But at this middle stage of life I think we should examine the deep roots of existence of life and its real cause. Just getting involved in the different duties assigned to each one of us is not what is essential. Studying hard to get a job for 15-18 years, getting a good job, getting married, having kids and managing the different responsibilities is not all that is being needed. All form of love limits our wings to fly freely. Because the kind of love we all are talking/feeling will just give rise to expectations which in return just hurt you in the end. Getting departed from the one you love leave you all shattered and alone sometimes where you actually lose most of the time for something that can never be back. These emotions are very dangerous if we don’t practice to hold them the way we want. Otherwise emotions are beautiful if they lead you to struggle for the needy. These emotions are so soft and delicate that we should how to handle them otherwise any sort of healing is less to empower them otherwise. So we should engage our mind in something very useful and purposeful. We all have just sufficient knowledge to run our daily life priorities. But is it all worthy? There is much more to read, learn and apply which is not even known to us because we have never given a try to find out the ultimate truth of life.

Becoming more competent in the society, having a wonderful married life, brilliant kids and good social status are not the only essential needs we aspire for… The curiosity to learn and practice our

mind for spirituality and inner peace can lead to the origin of that new undiscovered world we never came across. Is it all we need? What about your real passion in life? Was it just limited to get a job and a settled life? There are different questions that need to be figured out.

I don’t know what I am searching for …?  Or whether the search will end someday…? But the thirst to find out the reality can finally lead me towards eternity.

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