Shapes don’t matter…!

Posted by shweta Khare
July 21, 2017

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Ah..! She is so pretty…what a fabulous figure she has.!! Why do we always define and describe her beauty with her body weight?? Can beauty be measured in kilograms? My answer is a big No No for this. We the woman are so conscious and cautious about our gaining weight because physically we are judged on this ground. 
I agree, being fit and healthy is a regime which should be included in our daily routine. A woman matures to become a mother. She bears you for nine months inside her,keeps you safe. But the moment she delivers she is asked sequent questions about her getting plum. But why to criticise Her when she is not able to? She has so much else to do. Encourage her for the same, “don’t let her shed tears , help her shed the extra kilos“if you can. 
So,to all the gorgeous Venuses out there..have patience. 
Don’t loose hope,don’t be ashamed because you are charming in nyways…! And remember “shapes don’t matter…your smile doesKeep flaunting,keep dancing..!

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