Similarities and Differences in CAT Syllabus and GMAT Syllabus

Posted by Urmila pokhriyal
July 4, 2017

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To get the best education in the management domain, the MBA aspirants vouch for clearing either CAT or GMAT through which they can get admission into the best MBA colleges in India and across the world. The aspirants prepare for CAT and GMAT simultaneously as most of the topics in both exams overlap with each other. Along with the similarities between CAT and GMAT, there are some differences also that an MBA aspirant needs to understand. These differences if not taken seriously can become a game changer in the selection process.


Let us discuss some similarities and difference between the CAT Syllabus and GMAT syllabus that are of paramount importance for the examination point of view:


1) Similarities in CAT Syllabus and GMAT Syllabus-


The Quantitative aptitude section of the CAT exam and GMAT exam is quite similar. The quantitative aptitude topics like Algebra, Number Properties, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and others have comparable properties in both CAT and GMAT. The Data Interpretation section of CAT and Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT both contains graphs, math operations and charts. Apart from one assessment paper of Analytical writing assessment in GMAT exam, all other sections are same as that of CAT exam.


2) Differences in CAT Syllabus and GMAT Syllabus-


Well, there are more differences in the CAT Syllabus and GMAT Syllabus than the similarities. Let us discuss the differences section wise-


Quantitative Ability-


Although the syllabus is same for both the exams in this section, the level of difficulty varies. Apart from the common topics in the CAT syllabus and GMAT syllabus in quantitative aptitude section some other topics from arithmetic, geometry and algebra are also asked in the CAT exam. In GMAT, 37 questions of Quantitative Ability are asked while in the CAT exam, 34 questions of Quantitative Ability are asked.


Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning vs Integrated Reasoning-


In the CAT exam, Data Interpretation has given adequate attention. In Data Interpretation, the questions on the basis of Charts, Venn Diagrams, tables, texts and Graphs are asked. While in the Integrated Reasoning section of GMAT exam the questions based on multisource reasoning, graphical interpretation, table analysis and two-part analysis are given a good weightage. A good number of 32 questions are asked in CAT exam from this section while only 12 questions are asked from this section in the GMAT exam.


Verbal Ability-


Though the syllabus is same for both the exams but the weightage given to the topics in this section are different from both the exams. In the GMAT exam, the reasoning oriented questions that involve reading comprehension, appraising the arguments, grammar and understanding are needed while in the CAT exam, the emphasis is given on the comprehension and vocabulary part.


CAT Syllabus is too large and needs to be covered thoroughly. It is a belief that if the CAT syllabus is covered properly, then it becomes comparatively easy to go for the GMAT exam. Although the approach in certain sections needs to be taken in a different way to score good marks.

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