social media and veil of usage

Posted by Nitish Dadhich
July 26, 2017

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Women have always represented strongly in social media, and it appears that they are also pioneers in the use of the social media technologies to connect with their friends, clients and their relationships. Women use social media to stay in touch with family friends and clients while men use less and relay on different channels to communicate. Studies indicated that Women significantly lead men when it comes to social networking. Furthermore, indicates that 60% to 65% of women use social media to engage with others, compared to 50% to 55% men. Women not only use this channel to communicate, but they use to improve their financial and their educational and political needs. According to researchers, men tend to lag behind women when it comes to use of social media. How men and women use the social network are completely different. Apparently, personal use of social networks is more established than professional use of networks.

Teens, unlike adults, are using online social networks to connect with people they know for communication. However, adults use social network to discuss and share political, economic views as well as for socialization. This group views socialization with a different perspective. Men and women when use social network for professional and personal reasons, they often maintain multiple profiles, generally on different sites. Most adult social network users are privacy conscious and they use restrict access to their profiles so that only a group of people can see their profiles and when they use social network for political and economic purposes their social network setting is not private and they openly communicate with a wide circle of followers. In spite of why they use these social networks, women vigorously pursue this medium to communicate their political and economic views more than men. Women are like a producer and director of a movie directing sharing the events and like a sport illustrator influencing the mind of their followers.

But whatever gender or age group uses social media, it must be cautious to maintain the veil of certain privacy and the terminologies and phrases used should not be anti-social.

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