Posted by Jatin Devana
July 7, 2017

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I just watched jagga jasoos trailer where Ranbir kaboor plays a stammer’s character . So i realized that I should write about stammering or stuttering .

When I was in 8th class, my class teacher asked me a question. I stood up but I couldn’t speak any word.I knew the answer but I stood as like dumb statue.Whole class was staring at me and Some of guyz joking on me. Teacher scolding me without understanding what was my problem. No one knew what was problem and I did not want to let anyone know what was my problem. Beacuse That Time –


Many of people don’t know what is STAMMERING OR STUTTERING .

They dont care about it but as a stammer I pay special attention on it . That’s the problem that it increase more when you think about it more .

Since My childhood I was Stammer.In initial age as like all children I did not give special attention to my problems.But as soon as I grew up I was started to realizing my problems(stammering).I started to Understanding that I had Some kind of problem with my speach.I was afraid of speaking. I always thought I will stuck as soon as I speak and people will make joke on me .

I was quite,Reticent in all places. This stammering problem turned into Nightmare for me like phobia.(it happens with all stammers )

I was Introvert as like Mostly Stammers but Words were burst in my mind.I was extrovert ,Great speaker in my dreams but In real life I was left to be a listener .

This problem increased when journey came. I was getting more depressed . Than I was searching solution of stammering . My relatives tought me many useless tricks like drink bird’s mouth water, eat Gooseberry , eat chillies , stuck pen between your jaws, do yoga ,open your mouth . I tried all these things but I could not find solution.Maybe these things are helpful for curing to stammering but These did not work for Me .

Then I found some kind of speach therapy but I could not attend this classes because lack of financial stability .these classes were too costly. My all ambitions ,Goals kept a side beacause of stammering.I was always thinking about stammering instead of pursuing my goals.

After I started to study for and meanwhile I was finding sloution to myself ,I started to curing myself like speak in front of Mirror,read newspaper loudly,talking on phone ,talking many unknown people .

Now I have Overcome of it (maybe). It occurs again sometimes in some situation.

every person stuck Somewhere while speaking , like Tensed situation,front of his boss and front of his Cantankerous Wife. Sometime people stuck in some words  But We stammers stuck more than normal people when we talk unknown person,when we talk on phone ,when we talk with elders and any other opposite situation.

Even Many stammers can not speak their name without stuttering.They are more do stammering front of opposite sex(female).

They are scared of flying jokes So they don’t talk to much. When I was in school my friends or classemate did joke on me .It all faults of our sociaty , they consider joker or funny person to a stammer . In our Movies stammers always show as fargile ,innocent,comedy character but In real life many people who used to stammer Now they are great persons like Hrithik roshan,Tiger woods,Samuel L.keckson,emily blunt ,nicole kidman,bruce wills  many other people (just search on wikipedia).

In our world 1% appoximatly people are stammers but they hide themself because of lack of confidence,self esteem.

When I was searching solution to overcome of stammering I found TISA(THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION),where many stammers share their experience ,find solution with group members ,held SELF help meeting for curing stammering.

(If any person who is stammer and find solution join TISA)

There are many orgnisation in our world. they work on it they help to stammers for overcome from stammering.

So guyz if you meet any person who is stammer ,don’t give him sympthy ,give him time to speak and listen him patiently .


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