Staying connected in the era of Digital India and 4G recharge

Posted by Shubham Ahuja
July 21, 2017

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The government’s push towards a digital India where information is digitally accessible and every citizen has access to services is slowly being made possible with the availability of Internet, especially mobile Internet. Though the urban population is enjoying the benefits, it can be easily said that with the digital push in the rural areas, the rural populace is one of the biggest beneficiaries. The increasing reach of the mobile Internet has enabled people to access information, keep up-to-date on the latest government schemes, shop online and a whole lot more. All they need to keep connected is a mobile recharge or top-up.

Cost of Staying Connected –

It is so easy to stay connected in today’s time, especially with competitive recharge packs available across the country. You can choose packs to suit your budgets along with calling and data needs. in the true sense allows customers to get data for very small denominations or opt for bigger recharges that provide data of over 1GB. With the aim to increase Internet penetration, companies offers a plethora of recharge options for prepaid mobile users with lot of benefits. Just use the app to top up, whenever you require extra data. Prices vary as per city and customers can check their respective service provider’s website for the best offers that suit their needs.

The World is a Global Village.

Internet has reduced global boundaries as users can now keep in touch with the latest happenings in any corner of the world. An artisan living in any corner of India can showcase their talent to anybody in the US or New Zealand. However, in the fast paced competition it is better to get a 4G connectivity on your mobile to enable timely resolutions that may arise across the oceans. A prepaid connection is a good idea, as you can buy a package that suits your budget, and top up as the requirement arises with online recharge services.

Multiple Uses of the Phone

Smartphones come loaded with numerous apps for news, games, studies, building professional networks, etc, all thanks to Internet and the power of digitalization. The phone can also be used for music and video streaming, cloud storage, etc. All use the 4G data and sometimes, while watching a favorite playoff, it might be time for a recharge, and payment apps then are the perfect answer. and it is not long before it is time to recharge again.

Saving your Mobile Data

There are simple ways to conserve data to never lose a moment. For starters, users can cache maps. They can download certain areas instead of using live navigation. Disabling auto-play on videos on social media websites also saves data. Browsers now offer data compression where the quality of images and videos is dropped but load time is hastened.

With wifi broadband and cellular network connectivity, mobile phone users with faster downloads and uploads and allowed them to stay connected for longer. With cost-effective recharge packs, save money and data at the same time, while joining the global village to be an active participant of the Digital India movement.


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