Students are in danger, nation big alert

July 7, 2017

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Students are in danger, Nation Alert.

A big alert to nation is that our small kids are addicted to LSD drugs, whereas we know that DEMOCRACY in seen in closed 4 walls of classroom in which we taught that what is the difference between good and bad whereas this education makes the biggest difference between man and other living beings, that we are able to differentiate the good and bad but not animals.

At least 20 top schools and 14 colleges in Hyderabad have been informed that their students, some as young as 13, are buying and using drugs including LSD. Parents of the students involved are also being informed of the worrying new trend, said government officials. Seven drug dealers arrested in the last 48 hours have revealed crucial information about their young clients to the police.

But today we find social evils in closed walls of classroom, government should be serious in this issue because as we all know that TODAYS CHILDERS ARE TOMORROWS CITIZENS of the nation if the students walks on the footsteps of the social evils then our country will be in Danger with this students but not with others.

If a student who follows the social evil he will become an engineer, doctor, scientist, journalist, leader but not a good engineer, doctor, scientist, journalist, leader who can served the nation like Dr Apj Kalam a great leader and scientist well known as missile man , Mahatma Gandhi Indian civil rights leader etc..

School and college managements, teachers, parents as well as people in society are responsible for upbringing the children’s because they are children today but they write the future of the nation tomorrow


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