Sunny Leone Gets Slut Shamed For Adopting A Baby. Why The Hell?

Sunny Leone recently adopted 21-month-old Nisha Kaur Weber from the Latur district of Maharashtra. In my opinion, having a child is a personal decision of the couple but in India, once you are a celebrity you lose your privacy. We love to poke our noses and give our comments on other people’s lives.

The thought to write this article came to my mind when out habit I read the comments below the articles on Leone. These comments made me laugh, made me feel amazed, surprised, angry and finally provoked me to write a blog. I know that her past career was that of a porn star but did you know that your favourite Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Cameron Diaz also started their careers by working in porn movies. But we do not question them and continue to watch their movies without batting an eyelid. So why are people slut shaming and calling names to this girl who decided to adopt a kid legally?

She is a Canadian citizen and yet she decided to go for adoption instead of surrogacy. She could have easily adopted a kid from her home country but she decided to adopt one in India. Let us appreciate her for that and also the fact that she has chosen to nourish a child who was left parentless for some unfortunate reason. Adoption in our society is still not appreciated. Even today the couples who choose to adopt are subjected to all kinds of prejudices.

A lot of modern day couples in urban cities choose not to have children and in some cases, people decide to stay single. They are not worried about their biological clock ticking because adoption is always an option open to them. One thing that we can all learn from this incidence is that your past always haunts you and the society loves to stereotype you. None of us personally know her and we can’t slut shame her for the work she used to do. Not all of us are people with a clear conscience, so what gives us the right to judge someone’s capability as a mother?

We don’t have the right to do that to a woman, no matter what she does in her professional life. And it is not just Sunny Leone—she is a celebrity and so this is being openly discussed—women from all walks of life are being constantly judged for their capability to love a child and give it a good upbringing. It’s not just Leone, even when a tough woman cop or IAS Officer or a corporate big shot adopts our attitude remains the same.

We need to be strong and aggressive in our work because it’s tough to survive in this patriarchal society but that doesn’t mean we cannot be soft or caring.

This kind of prejudice that has been present in our society since ages, just that with the advent of social media people are openly talking about it. My message to those teenage kids who slut shamed her is that parenting is a big responsibility, the people who are ready will go ahead with it, you have no right to interfere or comment on someone’s parenting skills.

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