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July 25, 2017

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Suresh IDEA
Actor&Producer Digital Partner ,Bollywood &TV  Film Indrestry Mumbai


Name – Suresh IDEA

Date of Birth – 06/02/1992

Religion – Hindu

Location – Judi Village (Singrauli Madhya Pradesh)

Parents – Ramdhin Sahu &Hiramati Sahu

Suresh Idea was born on 06 February 1992 in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district in the small village of Jodi. The name of the father of Suresh Idea is the name of Ramadhin Sahu Mother Hiramati Sahu. Suresh Idea’s father was a very simple person. Those who have four children, the youngest son is Suresh Idea. Suresh Idea’s father was a very poor farmer.

Suresh Idea’s elder brother is Ram Milan Shah. He was a teacher who used to teach Suresh Idea along with the school till 8th class. Suresh Idea was very fast in studies since childhood, along with religious interest, he was a topper in school music.

The name of Suresh Idea’s second brother is Nandlal Shah, he is blind since childhood. But he is very knowledgeable. Religious folk music songs such as Bhagvat Geeta Ramayana Vishnupuran etc. sings very good religious hymns. He taught music and religious teachings to Suresh Idea. At this time Suresh Idea was 13 years old.

After leaving home, the financial condition of the house : –

In 2006, due to weakening of the economic condition of the house, Suresh went to study Idea and started looking for work in the village itself.

Suresh Idea went to the village of Vadhan near his village to work on drinking water to a mobile shop where he got Rs. 1200 per month. In the rest of the time, he also learned that computer at the same mobile store. Suresh Idea worked 6 months on mobile store and learned computer.

Now Suresh Idea basic knowledge of computer and then he did a data entry on any other Idea Distributor where his monthly income was 3000 rupees. He also worked for 4 months and he left the job. He came in contact and then started marketing company’s postpaid SIM. There was no fixed monthly income in it. The money they used to sell, the money was received.

In this line, he added a good amount of money and named his village Suresh by Suresh Idea, since then people started to know him by the name of Suresh Idea. And he left the village to go to the city and thought of working postpaid.

Left village and towards the city October 2010

In Suresh Idea left his village and started working in Jabalpur. He also sold good postpad sim and also because of his innocence and habits like childhood and music, people liked him and helped him. And Suresh also respected them and learned a lot from them. Suresh Idea worked for a year in Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh and earned good money in Bank Account

Left Jabalpur Shifted To Indore in December 2011

In December 2011, he left Jabalpur and left for Indore. After working for some time he opened the marketing agency himself. And started working with their employees. It was good for some time but Suresh was from Idea village, at that time his age was 21 years. Their employees began to take advantage of their straightforwardness and slowly faced them with huge losses. Suresh pays for some time. And gradually they suffered heavy losses. And finally, they closed the agency and decided to stick to this telecom line.

Left Indore Shifted To New Delhi In April 2013

In April 2013, they left Indore searched for work in any other line. In Delhi, he joined the Bhojpuri Film Industry and made Bhojpuri films and songs and sold the companies. Most music companies spend time on payday and learn digital marketing from there. In Delhi, Suresh Idea has made many albums like Chhalia Lootera like Bhojpuri album. Launched the album and got a good profit from it.

Journey of Digital marketing

Suresh IDEA will now make Bhojpuri album and now he himself takes the video of himself and digital Marckting . Throughout the year many channels came under their underwear and started working. Suresh Idea Digital platforms such as Google, YouTube etc. trade their videos on international label and pay according to their uploads. And earning a good profit. And to carry forward their business, they had to travel to big metros like Delhi Mumbai. And most of his work falls in Mumbai.

Decided to Shifted in Mumbai

Suresh Idea leaves Delhi, shifted to Mumbai in July 2016 And here they make good connections. All channels are traded. Now Suresh lives in Mumbai and is doing a happy life.

In January 2017, Suresh started his production in Mumbai in the name of his (Suresh Idea Films)

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