Swach Bharat: Dream or Reality?

Posted by Janhavi
July 21, 2017

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Here we are in this day and age, our country has reached such a high, we are recognised by other countries which a few years ago didn’t even know such a country existed in the world. But are we really there? Can we call ourselves educated?The same educated people who praise western countries for their clean roads and beaches are the ones seen throwing plastic bags in the sea at high tide. Once I met this friend who had just returned from his trip “onsite” and we were walking down the road eating a chocolate that he had just brought. As we walked further, he just threw the wrapper right there on the road!! When I asked him to pick it up this was his response: “Arey yeh tho India hai, yahan sab chalta hai”.

This is what our so called educated youth thinks. If we continue to behave in this way what can one “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” accomplish? We say that its the illiterate people who dirty the roads, look at the places they stay in, look at the filth around them. But what are we the so called educated lot doing? Throwing bags of garbage in the same “dirty areas” saying “sab toh yahi fek rahe hai”.

What’s the use of you topping all through college if you fail at the basics? I have seen parents telling kids to throw wrappers outside running cars while driving down highways. These are the same people who complain about how dirty our country is and when asked to throw rubbish in dustbins, they say we pay our taxes!!

If this is how majority of us think then I don’t think our country has progressed. If we don’t respect our own country why will people from other countries respect it? It’s on us to bring the change. How much can the government do if you don’t support it in its actions? I try my best to make the change in whatever way I can by requesting people I see around me to not throw rubbish on the streets or if they don’t listen I pick it up after them. This is my small contribution I hope you start yours too.



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