Posted by Roderick Selwyn
July 3, 2017

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The vast land covered with rich greenery like tall trees,short shrubs,with flowers sprouting here and there and little squirrels running past, the cute little sounds of chirping birds gave me quite a scenery which was overwhelming.I strolled past the beautiful creation of GOD or some higher power (for atheists) for about ten minutes and then a thought struck me: wait a second !let us have a look at what the higher power has given us. We were given nature to  breathe,feel & visualize; space to explore,ground to shelter,flesh to eat,water to drink,time to experience all the above things and finally a life to live in this paranormal place,which shows the inexplicable creation of God. We were given; are given and will be given all of this continually without any hiccups.When we think we are given all of this, it’s perplexing to note that we still have so many problems to face in this world.All of this has a single root cause: “Humans never get satisfied”.


I continued my walk past a wretched man with torn clothes and the mere sight of him, sent out an alarming call to his fellow species, ‘the so called human beings with SIX SENSES, the most intelligent and powerful species on earth’ as we claim.But everyone of them walked past giving him an appalling look, as if he belonged to a different world and they tagged him “beggar”,”stinking idiot” and what not! The poor old chap had a cloth bag and small bottles alongside in which he filled dirty water. A single thought ran past my mind: we forgive people who have committed crimes like murder,rape and even terrorists,so definitely this guy does not deserve this punishment. He has to eat from garbage,drink from whatever is left and stay on dirty roadsides,whereas the people who have committed horrendous crimes are given shelter and proper food. I don’t find the sixth sense working here! No matter how hard we think ,our behaviour remains unexplained, but we can easily give a million reasons as to why we shouldn’t help him, like “He is lazy and does not want to work, do not encourage him to do so”, “He has opted to beg let him do so” and the most horrible one on its way” It’s his fate, we can’t do anything”. Seriously?


We can at least infer from the first two statements that the humans think he is lazy and doesn’t want to work,but the third one is unforgivable.What if always there was a reason behind each human being that had made him to beg? Do we ever address that? There have been cases in which parents who were chased out of their houses started to beg and cases in which unguided young  orphans were forced to beg and so on.When we look at things at first hand, everything looks simple, but we never look beyond: as in this case, we do not think what made him to beg, but we generalize (what we do best) that he begged only because he was lazy.


I continued my walk, pondering how I can implement a change in the hopeless, but my hopes were shattered by what I witnessed later. A few yards from me, there were 3 sewage cleaners who had covered themselves with salt to protect their skin and had consumed alcohol to keep them alive in the stinking smell inside. But people passing by would sniff at them giving a nasty look as if they had arrived from a different world.It’s very hard to understand why we don’t appreciate them because, if they don’t do their job, none of us will be able to exist. We people think  that each person is destined to do a job and we do not even give a word of appreciation.We term them as the “less fortunate”. All of us are busy sending rockets to space when we have failed to recognise the humans working in filthy sewage and we claim that we are in the “MODERN AGE”!


There have been so many other occasions in my life in which I have witnessed people looking down on those engaged in so called ‘ menial jobs’.In all these cases we forget that they are also ‘one among us’ .We tend to think that people work as sewage cleaners,servers or something else because they either failed to study or come up in life.But we fail to consider that they might not have been motivated or given a helping hand when they needed it. We also have to remember that anyway, someone has to do all those jobs we think of as humiliating and disgraceful, otherwise the world will stop moving.

We are busy searching for life in other planets when we haven’t found how to survive in one. I’m pretty sure that when we move to another planet we’ll soon make it depleted and start searching for another one to deplete because of the same reason: ‘Humans never get satisfied’

Nature teaches us so many things in our lives on a daily basis. If we unravel our veil of negligence one can clearly notice that everywhere in nature, an element flows from a higher level to a lower level just like in a waterfall, water flows from the top to the bottom through a slope.From this we can relate that people who have discovered their talents and have worked on it to attain success in worldly life being at a higher level, should share their experiences,wealth and knowledge with people who I won’t say have failed in life but haven’t got the opportunity or platform to use their talents or even at times have failed to know that there exists something called talent. Similarly there are other examples: air always tries to escape from a high pressure area to fill empty space.So also, God or the higher power that created us did not punish some humans with disabilities, lack of opportunities and wealth, but He or it thought that those humans with wealth and success in life will share it with the people who are lacking purpose in life and help them find their talents and give them a platform to perform. But we fail to do so because of the same reason: “humans never get satisfied”.

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