The Civil Service Dream.

Posted by Adithyan Chandrashekharapurath
July 4, 2017

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It is almost 4 years since I’m caught up with the great Indian Dream of getting into the Civil Service.Right from my college days, I’m after this great rush in order to get into the final rank list of Civil Service Examination.But, all together it’s very strange and depressing to know the various conditions applied with CS Examination.It is also despairing to know that these conditions applied never come altogether but part by part as you get into the rea CS preperation days.

As soon as i got out of my college, I never waited for the results but rushed to the nearest Trivandrum to pursue my CS aim without wasting a single moment since CS requires atleast 1 year consistent and persistent preperation.Earlier in my 2nd year in the college i took coaching from a reputed institute, hence decided to go for self preperation since I was confident enough to do that.

In the begining it all went smooth and fair and I was in a good track.As days passed those earlier mention conditions applied started popping up and revoltin against me.

There are various factors and entities which can provide you with the worst form of tensions during the preperation.The fear of failure,confusing strategies of various coaching institutes,real life examples of failures infront of you,the tough prelims exam this year etc.

I started getting stressed and deppresed day by day.Tensions arised and anxiety multiplied.Since iwas all alone i did’nt have any another option for a stress relief.I doubted whether i coould manage this pilling stress for an entire year that too all alone?No!said myself.

I came back home and revised my strategies.Now i’m trying to prepare from my home.Let me try whether i can crack this mighty nut right from my home where i’m relieved and feeling calm.

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