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The Curious case of two cVs

Posted by Manpreet Kaur
July 15, 2017

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We live in a world of brand value and nothing is more important than having a good selling point today. You need to be befitting while standing out from the rest by the virtue of being the better one! And while talking about selling points how can we forget the one place where we try to stuff as many of them as possible, a CV. For anybody looking for a job, and to be successful, this is the primary ingredient you can’t afford to miss out on!

Yes, a CV or our Curriculum Vitae is what that speaks for us, about us! We all have to go through the excruciating yet important take of making one.  But mind you we don’t just make one, we have to make the best one! The one that makes us the best possible choice, the one that enhances our chances to be selected, and the one that makes us desirable. In that sense, a CV becomes something that conveys how good we are and are we the right fit? It is the standard unit of measuring our goodness and worth then, isn’t it?

Fortunately for the men, they have to maintain just one of these flattering CVs to get that right job. And that being said, how can we forget women? Well, if you ever witnessed closely the expectations to which women are brought up to, you would see the second CV being made in the process live!

To be the right candidate for the job professionally and domestically (a wife), a girl needs two CVs. One of them is the standard one which all of us make but, the additional is the one which she has to make alone. And that CV decides how highly “marriage-able” she is. Don’t worry I’ll explain you the concept of this other CV.

The things that boost this CV, girls are your cooking, washing, and other household chores make up your technical skills, The number of dishes, however, that you can prepare makes up your professional qualifications. And don’t forget to add cleaning and dusting because these are the keywords the recruiter is going to search for! And the educational qualification of learning all these must start early because that would ensure your proficiency. And don’t ever forget to mention that you can take care of the whole house all by yourself because that would add to the work experience and make it the best CV. But, god forbid if you give out any clues of being a social butterfly who likes to go out and party, minus marks for that ladies! Caring, compassionate, emotional, and soft-spoken, docile, and domestic, these, however, would fetch you marks!

Now, I understand that in the marriage “market” which it has become, guys are no less in pressure either, but, you don’t have to maintain a CV of all those things! The right guy is someone who earns well, works well, and has studied well and the rest is safely unnoticed. on the contrary girls from the beginning are taught to have certain things and “should dos” which she has to follow at any costs because they would make her CV better than others! There are many points that may have been skipped but the reality is not! This is the tale of a woman, the tale of two CVs! Think about it and observe you’ll notice the case of two CVs close to you.

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