The Forest Man

Posted by Prakash Saikia
July 23, 2017

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This song is based on this great man who is known as “The forest man ” of India.. His name is” Jadav Mulai Payeng”  He is from Jorhat district Assam ..Why he got this title” The forest man ” of india it has a very interesting story…  Payeng was just 16years old boy& every year flood hits assam..  so during a floody season he notices an one incident..All migretory birds were gradually  declining to the forest areas& wet lands near by his home and snakes were disappeared in a large no…This incident disturb him so much that he went to ask his elders about that incident..Then village elders said that it’s happening only because of lack of Forest.. the lack of greenary cover which made them to leave their home..Then one thinking strikes his mind that if we don’t try to save our planet by planting tress one day we all will be disappearing like this snakes .So the village elders said him to plant bambo tress near by the bank of  the river Brahmaputra which was full of sand..After planting tress continuously for more than three decades now that area has become such  a  huge forest which is more than 1360acres..Thus this forest is known as  “Mulai forest” after him …so in 2015 indian government gave him Padmashri award which is the fourth highest civilian award in india…

He always says” Education system should be like that every student should be asked to plant two tress”

This incident teach us that how one man can change the world…

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