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July 20, 2017

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Indian roads are all filled with people having short sight and even short temper. The only thing they want is to move fast and in seconds. The horn start to blow just 0.05 seconds after the signal turned green , What i mean? do you need to pee ? or are you suffering from DIARRHEA? And the two-wheeler , they are kind of stuntman, you can see a two-wheeler out of nowhere on the footpath , Hahah, we are so adjusting. We even adjust two -wheeler on footpaths, and the once walking on footpath should lie down and wait for a car to crush them.


Where are we going so fast , and urgently that we don’t even think as a human being, we should always remember we are first a human being and than a manager, CEO, CFO , or even a STUNTMAN. Why is always “MY CALL” important than “YOUR CALL”? why do i have to always overtake the one ahead of me instead of going smoothly in a lane?

And yes the ones always overtaking the one that is ahead of them are to short sighted person , their only aim in life is to overtake the one riding/driving ahead of them, OVERTAKING for them is a task assigned to them by the most strict boss and they are the most obedient employee, would do it without giving a second thought, they are half the reason for jams on roads.

People are more of like “APNA KAAM BANTA BHAAD ME JAAE JANTA”!!
I mean WHY? one day this is going to come back to you. You will be going to BHAAD by someone else. And if you are doing this because “everybody around is doing the same way” then be the change. Wait for someone to cross the road , stay in lanes while waiting at signals , keep safe distance from the vehicles around. Keep space to give ambulance side in case of emergency. This is very important thing we need to change.

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