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The Job

Posted by Yutika Malaviya
July 7, 2017

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“How do I look ?”, asked Maria in an oblivious manner.

“You look breathtaking as ever honey !”, I answered honestly.

Scared of her rage, I persisted yet, “My love. I really get worried for you. You work out of the house the entire night which makes me feel all the more guilty. I feel bad that I can’t provide you with all the luxury you  deserve.”

Surprisingly, she said in a softened tone,”Baby, please don’t say that. I work at a very safe place and I am happy that I am playing your role as a provider of the house. It has made me a responsible person all the more.

Besides, my employer is very understanding and that is why, he has settled to let me work in the night shift. This way I work while you are asleep and can take care of you in the daytime.”

“But I do not want you to sacrifice so much for a blind and helpless man like me. Please let me help us in some way or…”

She interrupted immediately. This time enraged. “ Please! I dare you to call yourself that again! It was an unfortunate accident. You lost your eyes to save me. I know I can never repay you for this but can’t I do this much for us?

I am aware that my education is not sufficient at all to provide a good lifestyle for us. Thankfully, after a lot of perseverance and being rejected by many companies, I finally have this job to make both ends meet.”

“My love. Forgive me please. My intention was not to hurt you. I just care a lot about you to let you toil and burn the midnight oil while I am helplessly sitting at home, doing nothing. However, I understand and promise to never hurt you. My respect has increased for you and will always keep increasing.”

“Promise me that again please David”, she squeezed my hand hard asking this.

“Of course my love, I promise”, I take her face in my hands and kiss her forehead.

The phone rings, interrupting our moment.

“Hello.. Yes yes, I will be there in ten minutes. Thanks.”

She sat beside me,”

It was the driver. I shall head for work. Please sleep on time and take care of your health. Do call me if there is any emergency.”

“Sure babes. You take care too and do not over stress yourself. Do not worry about me. I am perfectly fine. What time will you be back by the way?”

“The usual. 6 am.”

“Wow!” I smiled. “Please thank your boss to be so understanding. He lets you leave each day on time.”

“Hmm. I will. I love you. I will be back in no time. Goodnight sweetheart.”

We kiss and the doors close behind me. I go back to the bedroom with a peaceful smile on my face .

“Taxi!” – Maria waved her arm. The cab halts. “Where to?”

“Radisson hotel”, says Maria.

She sits inside recalling her blind husband’s trusting words – Please thank your boss.

With tears in her eyes, she smirks at her helplessness. Only if he knew that I had a different boss each night. Only if I had my education supportive enough for an appropriate job.

The cab took off from her apartment, while she looked out of her car window. Their bedroom lights went off.

Honey, at least one of us sleeps peacefully each night. She rests her head on the seat and closes her eyes.

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