The Parent Trap

Posted by Twesha491
July 2, 2017

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Indian parents are quite something, they are a different species when it comes to parents all around the world. Unique in their own way   and different in their beliefs they often have out best in their hearts but act in quite the opposite way.

You see they control us right from when we are born till forever. As young children we are more then eager to let them have the reins of our life but the older we grow, the tighter the reins are pulled till there is no space for us to breathe. It starts at a young age from deciding what we wear to telling us whom to be friends with. Seems harmless enough!

It progresses on to choosing our subjects in grade 11 and then our careers. We stand mum in our boat of life unable to steer the boat as they choose to do it for us. They have our best interests at heart and don’t want us to fail or choose the wrong career or not have enough money but their interference often leads to the opposite. You see instead of teaching us how to deal with failures, make our decisions and letting us make mistakes to learn from they cripple us. So when something goes wrong we have an easy target to blame and yet still have no idea how to deal with it.

How do they wield so much power on us? You may be wondering but quite honestly the answer is pretty simple. It begins when we are young and slowly made dependent on them. We can barely live without them and as they pay for our college, our expenses and give us a place to live there’s not much we can do. Unlike in the west, we are not made to do everything on our own and move out after we are 18. We have never done a job in our lives and all our money comes from them. In a situation like this there’s not much you can do however big a rebel you may be.

This is not an isolated incident but rather a part of tradition which has been taking place since the ages. It happened with them and probably even before them and so it continues. Their interference holds us back and makes us hate them but we have to remember they wield the power. So next time you want that dress or that car maybe you should wonder whether your own independence is more important to you or that self-entitled materialistic attitude. Maybe it is time for you to take the reins in your own hands but beware it is not an easy journey!

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