Posted by Jyoti Sharma
July 15, 2017

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A girl growing up in a society which is actually partially disturbed! There are many questions arising – why is the lovely, beautiful and pure word “SEX” not informed to us in details!
Starting my comments on why do boys rape girls? Why can’t girls kidnap those sweet looking fellow boys to fuck them once and ruin their life forever?
I am not encouraging any one to do so (information for the noobs)!
I am just upto the point to ask the bloody rapists that as if you were kidnapped, then raped or in simple words just nicely fucked by the females as per the delhi rape case rapists! If this would happened then there would be a phrase getting more popularity than “GHAR MEIN MA BEHEN NAHI HAI KYA? And that popular phrase would be” GHAR MEIN BAAP BHAI NAHI HAI KYA”. Government declared rape is crime which has only one punishment – “DEATH”. But actually rape has become a fashion in the society where everyone is against it but won’t support the victim instead would spread nonsense about it and play the role of commentators  in the society! I would like to say to the respected cm of uttar pradesh, “SIR, DON’T BE AN IDOL SITTING AT YOUR CHAIR ORDERING YOUR PEOPLE TO FORM AN ANTI ROMEO SQUAD JUST TO STOP THE FUCKING DATES OF LOVERS, DO SOMETHING FOR THIS SO CALLED PROBLEM RAPE”. And I would like to add and say to our respective PM “SIR FOREIGN  COUNTRIES  ARE MUCH  MORE  SECURED  THAN  INDIA ! SO  DO SOMETHING  TO  MAKE  IT  SAFE SO  THAT  WE  DON’T FEEL UNSAFE  HERE AND  RUN  AWAY  TO  OTHER  COUNTRIES SETTLING  THERE  JUST BECAUSE  INDIA ISN’T  SAFE”  . And after all the research what actually true is we females are the culprits!
‘We were wrong, why? – because we wore jeans and got fucked!
We were wrong, why? – because we wore suit and got fucked!
We were wrong, why? – because we wore saree and got fucked!
We were wrong, why? – because we wore burkha and got fucked!’
No matter what we wear we will get fucked!
We wear whatever we want because we don’t know that males have boiling blood. When ever they see females their blood automatically starts boiling and has to fuck us to cool down. So to make us understand it’s my hearty request to make a separate class for all the feminine to understand men! And those men who don’t do so i am here by saluting you.
– jyoti Sharma

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