The Time Factor

Posted by Jayanti Saxena
July 22, 2017

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TIME is that past and present of events that make up for all the harsh experiences one faces.

We are from that lot which satisfies the phrase,But it’s no use fretting over shed milk. ” and then giving hundred thousand reasons not to remain in contact with close ones; is the basic & the best lie people most often use!

The truth is even known to every person…PRIORITY, yes PRIORITY! We all have set priorities for all activities and for every relationship! We procastinate every task, not related to our PRIORITY LIST! Priorities must be set so that every important thing in life get space. People.  Activities. Goals. because if people do not set their priorities it affects them along with the people who are in their lives. Setting priorities is the foremost important thing in everyones’ life. And the most vital thing that is to be taken care is, never to give equal importance to any two things in life. There is nothing like this exists. Priority and focus are correlated. Without priority one cannot focus on any damn thing and would end up fetching nothing. Setting priorities give meaning to life and helps in making one understand his/her true self. It clears our mind as to what we require from our lives.

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