The untold fact of society

Posted by Romazala
July 6, 2017

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When a child born he or she born with a cute smile on his or her face and make other smile…..
When parents take the baby home they have so many dreams on their mind which they actuly want to fulfill…..
The baby grows up slowly start identify the people around him or her……starts laughing while some one is joking or making weird face or may cry looking someone strange around him or her……
The time when the baby starts sitting by his or herself ,he or she made miracle and starts enjoying the things exist in the world…..
Then the big turning point in the babies life begain he finaly starts walking…..
He then realize that the world is very big to walk…..he keeps on walking without any boundaries , without any limits he walk like a prisoner who was traped long ago…..
He enjoy his freedom with lots of different things….
Then he finaly consider as a big child and here the journey begains of his life……
He enjoy his childhood and his beautiful schooling…
And a very big “U” turn that he face in his life when he actually face the real world…
Every were he saw people having greed of something….
There is on one whom he trust….not even his own parents who got the dreams for him…
He become very upset to see all the changes happen in his life….
Then he take a decision to chase the challenges….he then started living like the people around him but he fails to cope whit them…one day suddenly he end up his life with only two words I’m tired… I quite…..the whole surrounding around him was silent …..and suddenly a noice came from the people standing near him….why he end his life ….he was very nice person….then one more sound ….he was very strong person…and after a minute everyone started giving their reviews about the boy laying I front of them…..
The story end.. with a very big question for the society….
“Why after his surrender everybody started giving their opinion about him?
Where were they when he actually need them?
Why always this happen….?”
And the answer is ………black…..
This is the fact of generation which will continue till the unend end…..and the ultimate solution of this problem is again blank…….
This is the untold story of a boy who ends his life with only one question. “why”…..
‌Can society feel this blank…….????

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