these people still Exist ..

Posted by Indu Khurana
July 15, 2017

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I am belong to middle class family. my father is not in this world. he died by heart attack . when i was 7 years old. Any how we all handle ourselves. Me, my mom, my younger sister, my younger brother,we struggle to live and we r  struggling, and i have no complaints about that. I am okk and i know that everybody in this society has problems,  my mom did all responsibility of my dad, And in this all struggle , my mom is not educated much, and she was also not aware of what was going on in this world and technology,But now she know about how to use computer or a smart phone, or other things,

It was not easy to stand up on your feet, when you are a lady or having three children. but she manage. and she is stronger. which our nearby aunties not, because our society not allow women to do job,or do business, now i am educated. doing job. i observe that, we should not depend on others, i not want to be depend on my  futher husband, When ever i met any of relative they ask, are you still doing job? I don’t know know why this question exist for girls or womans? Now my mom searching groom for me. many reject me because i am doing job and we cant give dowry in marriage , and want to continue after marriage, my mom is saying drop the idea of job after marriage, because of  this sick society, i still not want to do marriage, just agree  for my mom,because of the society still think that A unmarried girl is burden on family. I don’t know why. One person is agreed to do marriage without dowry. But he is not agree for my job after marriage wish.  why girls is still suffering for this problem,

hope i continue my work after marriage, And the person who will be my husband, understand me, and help me.


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