They can stare you to Death.

Posted by kish_mish
July 17, 2017

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Yes , god have gifted us a pair of eyes to see things , to explore and to observe.

But, there are people out there who have taken this thing to an another level. Irrespective to the gender , caste or any religion.

My body , My choice is just a slogan here in our country , because people actually believe in ” my body , my choice but, your body and also my choice”.

It happens with almost every girl , No matter what you are wearing. You will be stared and not only that . They will  even decide your character. They will make you feel uncomfortable and there expressions will be the most irritating thing and will be taking a test of your patience level.

The most shameful thing is that not only men , women  also stare with so much hatred.

When i was a kid , i was returning from my nani’s house with my masi and her friend’s mother through metro. We were sitting and a girl wearing jeans and top boarded the same compartment. The mother of my masi’s friend started staring her with so much hatred and whispered to me that ” aisi ladkiyon ka to main khoon kardu , sharam bechkar khai hui hai , nangi kyu nahin hojati seedha”. That lady was from a very backward family and the thing she said to me left me stunned.

That was the day , i got to know  the shitty mentality of people towards a girl’s clothes.

Not only what size of clothes a girl wear but what colour of lipstick she is wearing decides how slutty she is.

An incident happend with me too few days back , i went to sarojni with my best friend and my brother for some shopping. Im a dancer by proffesion so , i love wearing those skinny ripped denims and pladed shirts and all that cool stuff.

That day i was wearing the same , and was wearing a cherry red lipstic. I reached the station and faced the first embarrasing stare by a group of college students (Including Girls). The very moment i started regretting to wear that color lipstick and the clothes which i love but somehow i managed , not to feel uncomfortable  . The next i boarded the train and was talking to my bestie , suddenly my eye caught an aged uncle staring at me and that made me uncomfortable again , the way he was looking with such hatred in his eyes for no apparent reason. I ignored him first but he continued doing that so to teach him a lesson i stared back until he felt guilty , and finally he stopped staring.

When people stare like this it makes me doubt my choices of wearing the clothes i adore. But , my clothes are not the real problem for them i being a girl is enough as a reason to stare and criticize.

Its not only me but every girl have faced it , and it is truly heartbreaking that they decide your character and start hating you just by scanning you with there eyes.

You may be thinking , im crazy and its a very small topic to be discussed and maybe it is worthless for people out there.

But , to me it shows the mentality of an individual and the whole society. It shows how sick these people are from inside.

I love those people who mind there own buisiness and seriously don’t care what a person is wearing.

We ignore them and they continuesly do that with every other person without any fear .

Some ultra legends have taken this staring thing to an another high level .

Now some retards masturbate in public by staring at any random girl and no one really find it offensive because the girl is responsible even for that , she is the one to blame.

She should be blamed because , she have a vagina and a pair of boobs. No matter what she wears , no matter if she get raped . She is the one to be blamed because unfortunitely she is a girl.

And i myself admit that i live in a constant fear . There is no place safe for me , there is no support too , girls are getting raped , being stared , being threatened and still be blamed.

It’s not just a fear of mine , i know every girl feel the same.

And believe me…

They can stare you to death because you are a girl.

( it is not against all the men , just against the poor mentality people are carrying , i believe that there are good guys out there but here i have highlighted the sick ones. So please dear men don’t get offended )



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