“This place wouldn’t be livable in 10 years” said a well-experienced senior electrician…

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 22, 2017

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An electrician shared that Ganga water work has been completed and the water should start from tomorrow. I said that the actual Ganga water is not here like which the top Indians would be enjoying directly. This is chemically treated water which might have come through areas having a lot of garbage and other harmful chemicals in water and the people must realize to not consume it directly thinking that it’s pure Ganga water.

Recently I saw this article “Dying “Mother Ganga”: India’s holy river succumbs to pollution. I Google about it and found this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-aad46fca-734a-45f9-8721-61404cc12a39 Scroll down the article for a lot of details. I’ve glanced through it and the images and the details scare me and makes me sad since we’re humans. I think that Mother Ganga will remain and revive even if the people around would die in variety of suffering or will move away.

Today after some sad experience, I had heard an ad in radio about a show related to Maa Kali on Colors TV and then I had changed my driving direction to try and find a better experience. I thought I’m human and so I’ll try again. I had parked my car at a market. However, I didn’t find it there and so I started walking to another market nearby. I had first crossed the road to walk opposite direction of traffic for safety. I had to cross back to go to the other market. However, something pulled me straight and I had heard loud music and I went to see and people were dancing. I just tried to Google about them to share, however, I couldn’t find anything because I don’t know how to correctly say or spell their group’s name. I just asked my mother that what they’re called and then she told me that today was their last day and they bring Ganga water from Gangotri and offer it to Lord Shiva. Amazing! I had just shared about Mother Ganga and had started my article with Ganga water. Just before the music and dance was a temple of Lord Shiva and I had clicked its photo and someone had WhatsApp’d me an image just then. His image was related to my sad experience. He messaged that he was drinking and perhaps feeling sad based on how people might have been to him. He has work in finance services.

His shared photo with me:


My clicked and shared photos with him:

Lord Shiva Shakti

Lord Shiva Shakti

Lord Shiva Shakti

I’ve driven on the road which has the temple many times, however, I’ve never seen the temple before today because it faces the opposite direction when driving on that road. Moreover, last weekend I had thought of another ancient Lord Shiva temple which I had seen, stopped and clicked on a road that I had taken last time (and the first time) several months ago and that last weekend I had gone close to that road first time since the last time. Sometimes I wonder how does Lord Shiva master time. I’ve shared my amazing experiences with Lord Shiva over the years. For one of them Google “shiv shakti rwa 627” and see my article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140809225922-517504-god-human-eat-well Jai Maa Kali! Jai Maa Mary! Om Namah Shivaye!

I shared with the electrician that considering the many much poorer people around earlier today I saw a well grown up school going boy of a seemingly fine financial background throw an ice-cream wrapper on the road while walking to the apartment complex. I shared that if the many people who’re much poorer and perhaps much less educated and aware of the different issues would see such a person throw the wrapper on the road then what would they think and do. The many and more and more things thrown like this besides making the place dirty would also harm the water bodies and the environment in general. How many people get stuck including highly on the small including manmade things while the many big including natural things keep harming them including severely in the short to long term.

He shared that his school going children who he has sent to his village home are getting weak even though he’s getting them enough milk daily and then he said that everything is fake now referring to the milk quality. He said that I buy a much nicer car on which I think that whether I should spend on higher quality air, water, food and land or car first. Of course, it’ll be great to have as nice a car as one can have, however, it would require that much repair and maintenance cost given the air, water, land and traffic conditions which would keep affecting the car.

Do you also wonder what things the many people here have done over the decades that we have such conditions? Do you also wonder where the highly capable or wealthy Indian students and professionals have been going to in our world? LinkedIn has thankfully featured my this article in the India and India Students categories https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/india-where-how-top-indian-students-professionals-going-shakti-saran I wish that I will increasingly be with highly capable Indians contributing, growing and enjoying around our world.

Moreover after returning home, during a short moment between washroom and my room, I think I heard “Shiva” in some audio/video that my parents were listening to in the living room. A short while later, I came back out of my room and asked my father what he was listening to and he said something, however, now I’ve forgotten what it was. I’ll ask him again and will share here again after listening to it. Few hours ago, I had messaged the person who had shared the image that Lord Shiva reaches me.

Today morning several hours before seeing people dance on music next to the temple, I had shared this post and I wish to have great environments, people and events to dance around our world:

Keith Urban – “The Fighter” (ft. Carrie Underwood) – Choreography by NIKA KLJUN


See much more of NIKA KLJUN on Dance With Me India http://www.dancewithme.in/international-dance-school-nika-kljun/

I had also shared this post with the person who had messged me the image. The name of the song and performance is The Fighter. I request Maa Kali, Maa Mary, Lord Shiva for protection.

I’m sure that things can be great given human potential in general. I wish our leadership and eveyone the best in keep improving our conditions!

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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