This stigma Attached to Mental health Issues !

Posted by Pranjali Malhotra
July 9, 2017


I used to feel that ,I am one of those people who are termed as ‘unstable’. Emotionally unstable! Because this is how people in my surroundings talk about ‘over-thinkers’. Gradually ,with time I started feeling over-thinking is nothing, but a disease. Yes, I was and to an extent still an over-thinker. Let my ears listen to anything and my mind starts filming the whole movie sequence. And there is no end to it. I’ve to forcefully pause it in the mid way.

This over-thinking when accompanied by it’s dearest companion ,‘Depression’ is very common, yet silent-killer. People often tell , not to ‘worry’ or ‘it’s just a phase, let it pass silently’. But it’s an incomprehensible feeling. One is unwillingly dragged away from the present, pushed into the past and left there to play with unmanageable thoughts. No feelings. Just thoughts, blurry thoughts all around. And there we are trying to alter every bit of past on our own terms, knowing the fact that we are just killing out time and peace of mind.

It’s a battle that a part of us is forced to fight against ourselves. It’s very common to look at people under this condition, yet it’s highly uncommon to find people reaching out for help, not even for the sake of their loved ones.

Scars on body are still visible, but scars on mind cannot be seen. These scars are left on our mind as we happen to think more than an average person. And, this is an issue no one wants to talk about or unfold to the roots, as we feel that , it’s disgraceful to talk about ‘Depression’ and ‘Over-thinking’ in terms of mental health issue. Hence, no one approaches the one , under depression. It’s a hollow, slow and dejected phase which even propels people to kneel down in front of death. Being under this mental cancer is not a choice.

Yes it takes time, might take several years. But self- cognizance is a key instrument in curing any disease by half of it’s percent.

Silence sounds serene, but not always. Don’t let this silence eat you up and ruin the delightful future waiting for your steps. Talk about depression and over-thinking because it’s chronic.

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