Thousands of people join Sanjay Nirupam and Sucheta Dalal for Tweet Morcha

Posted by Asmita Jadhav
July 4, 2017

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Sanjay Nirupam, President, MRCC

Thousands of people join Sanjay Nirupam and Sucheta Dalal for Tweet Morcha

Sanjay Nirupam and Moneylife Foundation’s Sucheta Dalal protest against bank fees with #TweetMorcha

Mumbai : MRCC Chief Sanjay Nirupam and Moneylife Foundation Trustee Sucheta Dalal protested against the unfair bank charges with Tweet Morcha, a one of its kind virtual protest. The aim of this Tweet Morcha was to call out to all those affected by unjust fees being levied on bank customers and urge them to participate in this protest.


The objective of this protest was to unite the voice of the agitated and vulnerable bank customers who are being subjected to unfair practices by big banks since the charges that banks are levying on their customers amount to being illegal.


Thousands of agitated customers, along with members of civil society and bank union members were present at a pre-decided venue in Mumbai from where they tweeted to the Prime Minister and the Finance demanding action be taken against the banks with the hashtags #TweetMorcha and #BankSeBachao.


“The Prime Minister is active on twitter. Hence, we have chosen this platform to address this serious issue. We want him to hear the plea of the common man who suffers on a daily basis due to the unjust practices of the banks. Today thousands of victims of bank atrocities gathered and tweeted about this issue voicing their opinions and rage addressing it to the Prime Minister. We hope that this plea doesn’t go unanswered and an appropriate action is taken against the banks”, said Sanjay Nirupam.


“Earlier, we approached the Reserve Bank of India and Arun Jaitley, Central Finance Minister seeking help. However, the plea went unheard. But there is nothing like the unity of common people. Hence, people came together and tweeted to the Prime Minister expressing their views and disappointment over this issue. This protest not only aims at bringing the prejudices of bank down but also to show them the strength of unity of the common people in this country”, says Sucheta Dalal.


Along with the people who gathered at the venue, thousands of other angry customers joined in the Morcha from various parts of the country voicing and registering their protest.

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