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Time in gurgaon..

Posted by Suvidha Koul
July 5, 2017

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That’s  weird…. My first reaction when I got here.

I needed a little break after my long term at college. So I came here. Well I cannot say it was the best choice, but u cant blame a loner who’s had a hard time, for trying to get to a place where there is some hope for fun. So, I came to this place where my sister works and planned to stay with her.

I mean what was I thinking… coming from a smaller town all these buildings seemed like tall tombs scaring me. It looked like a graveyard of tall buildings, looking like tombs standing over a land that once had some life. It seemed as a building invasion, something like they show in transformers. As I see from my window, I see some small buildings nearby still looking like houses but at some distance I see tall buildings, like really huge once and it feels like they are going to invade the rest of the city too and end up eating everything that gives a little sense of life. I mean no offense to the architects who , I am sure are working there aas off to make them look as pretty as possible and more pretty than the rest but then there can always be better n bigger but what about something that’s more real, that cannot be bettered? Nothing feels real here! There might be better roads, better cars , better buildings, better lifestyle…. But surely no better life. People work like small building, like lifeless creatures i mean. Then when they get tired of pretending that they are happy with what they are doing, they end up getting drunk at the end of the day, so that as soon as that sense of life comes to them they choose to get over it so that they don’t start feeling it – they call it having fun but I guess, its mostly ignorance and pretending that they are satisfied and may be actually happy working under people who probably don’t even belong to their country. They even end up telling themselves that they love their job and even those people they work under, who won’t even let them take a day off when its rakhi or holi or valentines.
Like who are you kidding! You hate them … but no! just because they give you money which is used to pay all your bills for the lifestyle you probably don’t even need that bad but just have got used to in the process; A pay cheque that’s a lot less than what you deserve, and  only because you are practically giving away just your life for it … you end up kissing there sweet aases.

I genuinely feel sad for the people who feel great cause they have the latest model of cars or phones or clothes. I mean you are trying to make a life out of lifeless things which even cost you so much. Like u gave something and u got something in return, there’s nothing great about that! There’s just great business behind it. You are a good business man not a great person! Greatness is in giving and not expecting anything in return and getting something you did not pay anything in a currency for. But that statement is a wrong statement here.

Unknowingly, everybody here is giving up too much for too little and not even realizing it. They don’t know there’s so much better to look and work for, cause they never tried that. They are too scared to get out of the golden prison. They believe in staying safe in the box and not thinking out of it. Getting drunk ,going to parties full of strangers, dancing and getting bathed in the foul odor of other people, is all they know as means to be happy.

Metros and phones have connected places but they haven’t got these people any closer. Internet works at good speed but it takes very long to have a real conversation. Everybody is real busy but how come they find time to hate each other.

Everyone is very friendly but no one is able to trust. Everyone seems nice but no one seems to have any kind of good intention. Everyone seems happy but they are just dead people smiling. Everyone is alive but none seem living.

I looked at the sky at night, I could not see the stars, they say there is too much pollution in the air for the light to pass , and reach us. And also there’s another  fact that says, these stars that we cannot see in here, and can, somewhere else, have died a long time ago and they are so far that the time the light takes to travel the distance from there is much more than their life time. Then, a little lower, I cud see the tall buildings glowing and many bright lights shining like they were stars. I wonder how long people in there have been dead for such light to reach us.

I wish people here would live a little. Do more of recreational stuff and community services together and organize to help people. Try to be little less selfish and little more human, do something that would just cost lesser time and give in return more life to live happier.

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