To Mr. arun Jaitley

Posted by Ketki Verma
July 16, 2017

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Arun Jaitley

Dear Sir,

GST came into being earlier this month and the whole nation rejoiced, celebrated and welcomed this change with open arms…BUT…..I’ve got some concerns….

Your oh so genius team of experts who were part of the planning team for GST and who allocated the items under various tax slabs perhaps forgot that this country has about 65.2 crore female population.

The most shocking and uphauling of which was slapping 12% GST on sanitary napkins and tampons ! Perhaps you did not study biology when you were in school but let me refresh your knowledge .

A girl may have her periods as early as 11 years, when she is barely in class 6th and bleeds almost half her life till she is about 45 – 50 years. Average 7 days of bleeding every month, spending about Rs.200-400 on average.And it’s not just these hormonal changes that she has to go through, there’s also so much social stigma that goes around with this topic, in some cases to such extreme that she is not even allowed to move around freely or do certain things around home or family.

Having periods and bleeding is not a CHOICE we have made. Buying sanitary pads is not an OPTION or a LUXURY for us, it is a NEED. A need to live a healthy and hygienic life, which is a basic right of every female in this country. And you Sir, have not taxed a certain good or commodity, you have taxed this right of ours.

Imagine if this basic commodity that every fertile female needs, becomes expensive, so many girls and young women will be forced to compromise on their hygiene. Think about all those young girls who would miss their schools and college just to avoid an uncomfortable situation. All those women who work, won’t this adversely affect their productivity?

What about those who are desperately trying to create awareness of female hygiene in rural areas by asking them to use sanitary pads instead of pieces of cloth, all their efforts will take massive hammering if these things become less affordable.

Surely sir you and your team of experts never really considered the consequences of implementing your so called well thought tax revolution. For you, we would rather be purchasing bindis and bangles and sit at home than become independent, confident and self sufficient individuals. Talk about spreading the message of women empowerment!

I really hope you have some good explanation and convincing one that too, which will justify your decision to have 12% tax on something that is a basic need and right of every women in this country!

We demand answers ! Not only that we would like to see you roll back the above decision of yours, if you truly believe that women have a huge role to play if India is to become a developed nation!

I would request everyone ( guys and girls both ) to spread this message to as many people as you can. Show your support and stand for what is right !

#IBleedred #Righttobleedfree #Righttohygiene #Healthywomen

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