towards a content and joyous life

Posted by chitrangada parmar
July 21, 2017

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It’s been a year since I have started working after receiving  a masters degree. Right from the childhood, we cherish a dream in our minds that the day we will start working, shall be the day when we will attain the endless joy and possibilities and we keep striving in that direction to feel content and joyous. With all the experience I have gained throughout this year, I have come to this conclusion that work can only give you money, a sense of security and a method to keep yourself busy. But to make life cheerful and radiant, we should look into that how do we spend the spare time we get. working round the clock may provide you with a sense of achievement and entirety to some extent but it’s all about the little things in life which makes our hearts and souls sing. Whether it be strolling around the city on a Sunday evening, take a round through a museum, have a glimpse of a friend you have not met in months or give yourself a treat for all the hardwork you have done during the entire week. Just go and spend some time for your own well-being ,  pamper the person whom you see everyday in mirror, read your favorite books, do whatever makes you happy in a way no other thing can ever do. The moments are passing to never come back and one day you will end up repenting on the things you wish you could have done or invested time upon. So this is the right time, this is the moment, you can start and make your life happy, healthy and beaming. you have a life apart from work and that life needs to be spending time upon.

Do at least one thing in a day that makes your heart happy. 

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