Unavoidable Design tips for Non-Designers

Posted by CarolAnissa
July 22, 2017

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So you are about to design a website, but you don’t know where to start. Well, I am not a designer either, but my job is to check the usability of the website. So if you come and tell me your website is not getting sales, I will offer my service to guide why. However, here I am willing to share some free tips that can help you design a website to get you sales.

For God’s sakes, limit your typefaces

I have had beautiful designs destroyed by various font types. Fonts are a representation of your brand. If you really want to outsmart your competition, you need to work hard on fonts.

Avoid using more than 2 font types on your website. Traditionally, have one for titles and another for text. Do some research on fonts, and pick the ones that suit you best. The ones that delight you. In a survey, it was concluded that fonts do influence buying decisions of the users. So if you are serious about making some money out of your website, use fonts that are memorable, influencing, and catchy.

Scale things up

Gone are the times when you used to place small fonts and pictures to get more space for other things. Now, it is time to scale things up.

What you need is to use large fonts. No more 10 points and 12 points. Use 14 points for text and 16 points for headings. The eyes might find it difficult to focus on one type font for a specific thing, so it is better to go for fonts that will be specific to certain actions. As mentioned above, for example, use 14 for text and 16 for heading. And same goes for using photos. The days are past when you can easily go for small photos. No, it is time to go for large scale photos. Photos will not only be more visible to your audience, it will be more specific to your target audience. Something they can relate to.

Use clever colors

“This is one of the most underrated features if you are going for a website design”, a quote by Allan Peters, COO, Web Design agency in Auckland.

If you want your audience to relate to your website, and actually make a sale, go for colors that impact the human psychology. No need to go for usual, standard colors. Pick them wisely. Study your target audience and use colors that will influence them.

Crisp, Clear website

One of the most common factors that small business owners ignore is keeping their website clean. With so much of competition around this era, you need to go for something that is clean and clear for your audience. You no longer can use websites that are complex. You need to use sites that are clear and clean, and that don’t have busy web pages that are difficult to read. What do you really do? Explain that to your user in the simplest way.

Creativity is originality

No need to follow the trend. Now that you can invent your own set of rules, you can try different things and see what is working for you. Anything that works for you is creativity. Go for that, regardless of what others are thinking. You no longer need to think about other outside elements. Just go for something that is okay for you, and that suits the needs of your website.

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