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Posted by Soumyadeep Bhattacherya
July 25, 2017

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Why our society doesn’t want to talk about those people?
Aren’t they humans? Seems that they are quite popular Isn’t it?
Often we see them in international and national daily and turn the page silently.
Sometimes in the public washrooms, electric post, even their contacts numbers are written on different public transport with name and also address.
So, you simply call and book a date. Have you ever seen the pain in her face? Nobody even asked her name also. They do it due to acute poverty and some people just used the weakness to trap her and chained.
Keep an ear on the wall and listen. You can listen to the scream, feel the pain, and see the sold soul.
So, the paper which shows us the reality since ages also promotes these nasty industries (yes, it is).
We are talking about women empowerment, advertising and socializing the issue too. But when someone tries to highlight the issue of the above mentioned industry, either the society rejects them or the powerful hand do.
Everybody knows comment or share post.
I also do the same.
A note to the anti-social so called customer-
Haven’t you ever seen the glimpse of your daughter or wife on her face?
For you this is fun and a thing of enjoyment with the justice wanting souls.
The authority is not at all concerned and tries to hide from the outer world and isolates them. Hence, making it easier for the stake holder to run their business in full swing.
“NO’’ itself makes full sense and a complete sentence and require no explanation.
“We want justice”. It’s time to put a full stop, and only we can make it possible. The change is here, let’s start today.

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