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Many personality traits and behaviours are necessary for achieving business dreams but some traits can often prove to be detrimental and dysfunctional in the business setting. The overriding need of applause and recognition can jeopardise the company’s financial status.

Few writers have always believed that the essence of Entrepreneurship lies in CREATIVE DISRUPTION i.e. tearing up the old to pave way for the new. But the same creative energy can sometimes wreck havoc in an organisation. As BARRON has stated,’’Creative individuals are very much concerned about their personal adequacy, and one of their strongest motivation is to prove themselves’’ and this statement is the key to the dark side of those people who are driven by impatient, edgy, volatile behaviour and are unconcerned about their impact on subordinates. Entrepreneurship is more than just owing business. Emphasis should be made on implementation of new ideas, organisation and promotion of new business ventures.

There is always an uncertainty in the business environment. So, the top level leaders along with corporate CEO’s, by anticipating the worst, must scan the environment and create their own form of it and also adopt such strategies which would help them to avoid pitfalls in working with other entrepreneurs. They need to have good judgments as their decisions set the direction for their organisation.

The overall economy depends upon the activity of entrepreneurs who create businesses, jobs and wealth. There are no specific traits of being an entrepreneur but for incurring growth and expansion in business, they must possess a few characteristics such as creating strong business relationships and better communication with other colleagues.

Staying updated with new technological advancements and making Investments not only in new ventures but also in enhancing their own knowledge and abilities will definitely lead to a huge upgrade.

With a self-motivated and tenacious attitude they should take the risk and experiment certain things that others may not have courage to do. ‘GROW OR DIE’ is one of the basic laws of nature and business too live by this law. Expansion and growth are imperative to survival hence every budding entrepreneur with a passionate, energetic, creative and persistent approach should try to forge ahead in their own area of expertise when faced with challenges.

By: Prasiddhi Pandey (Content Head, The Entrepreneurship Cell, Sri Aurobindo College)

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