Posted by Mahima Sharma
July 20, 2017

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…So, I’ve been telling you that how rollercoaster my life was turning round by round, but no, that wasn’t enough.

After my operations, I’ve been sent home for recovery, but a culture bag has attached to my left lung because my left lung was prematurely developed.
Haha, again wondering about me ?




Anyway, that bag connected for some two months with my left lung and just before my fifteenth birthday it was being detached and you won’t imagine my happy face of that day.
I had lost around 20 kg’s, you see😎 (physically weak but mentally strong). When all this was happening, according to me ‘God’ thought  “Abhi toh picture baaki hai”.

I told you, I was ‘mentally strong’ so, to break me down, one more problem added to my disastrous life is problem in swallowing food because of shrinkage in food track.

My problem in swallowing food is the second most embarassing thing which I felt because, Damnit! It’s annoying you so much when you’re dead hungry and thirsty but unable to have food and water.

The only way to cure this condition is ‘Dilatation’ or operation !
My parents were not ready for one more operation because of my morbidly obese condition so dilatation was the only option. Dilatation is a painful process which means the action of dilating a vessel or opening or the process of becoming dilated.

I was being dilated since then and for some 17 or 18 times till date. There isn’t any permanent cure for this medical condition.

No, I am not complaining or blaiming god about my life or how he gave me problems after problems, but here I wanna tell to every heartbroken kid, mentally unstable human, anxious ones, people of color, oppressed ones that..

life is what we are after all this.’


“Tum toh khana bhi nahi khati humarey saath aisa bhi kya attitude” “icecream ke liye bhi mummy se puchti hogi” “khaney mei kya sharmaana”

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