Domestic Violence. A real story ! Please support

Posted by XYZ
July 19, 2017

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Her voice is suppressed and unheard of .. She married a monster which she mistakenly thought of a prince.

It all started during their tilak ceremony when her in-laws(both father and mother of the groom) both started humiliating and insulting her parents. They hurled abuses on them just because they couldn’t provide the as demanded amount as they wanted too . They show in front of other people that they are very decent and good people who respect women and it is all mom’s fault as she isn’t able to keep them happy. People don’t know what is inside of them . We know.

After the marriage , She has suffered tremendously in taunts and domestic violence. He used to thrash her scold her and exploit her .He did not give a single rupee on her hand .He took all the jewellery and money she had (given during marriage by her family)on her first day to his house .Many a times she complained of his husband behaviour to her in-laws. She told them that he mentally and physically torture her .. she told them that he started drinking too much and wasting all the money on reckless things…it is the time when he and she stood start savings as both are going to have a baby soon..

Her in-laws surprisingly scolded her and said it’s her fault not his. She is lying (when he was heavily drunk) and made fun of her instead. They regularly torture her . She thought once they will have a baby everything will be fine . Her parents asked her to “cooperate”.

After giving birth to a baby girl , the family didn’t stopped . When she was going to have a second one they tried to abort it . He ordered her to abort her or he will kill the first one . The in-laws were all the way in support of him . They knew everything and didn’t do anything even added to her misery in a huge amount. However this time she left his house and went to her parent’s . She divorced her .

Having considered it as an insult he thronged on her house and beat both her parents when she refused to talk to him .He tried to kill her too many a times. She filed a case against him .He threatened her that she will marry another woman and will make her live a hell . After so many things and due to family pressure and two girls she thought to reconcile and make a “adjustment” in her life hope that some day he will realise his mistakes or his family will .

This torture and problems are still here ..same people same things ..the difference is .. they have wore the masks which many cannot see from a distance …. It saddens me to think how wrong a person can do and still not behind the bars. India has a society in which a bad marriage a woman cannot think independently and especially when she has two girls ..who would marry her daughters ? the society would not approve the reputation of a” chori hui aurat” …She hasn’t get the justice yet she deserve too ..The whole family has metamorphosed the things in such a way that it is difficult to file a second case on them .. One, it requires a huge money (He is unemployed and that a long story too) Two, The father in law has made so many false evidence by writing false things against her and family and making it complicated .

And she is my mother !




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