Violence Must End

Posted by divs68
July 20, 2017

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Today, every news channel has got a news to share related to some violent incident in any part of the world. Newspapers we read are brimming up with the numerous stories and pieces about violent incidents. I am shocked to see; school kids are adopting the path of violence and killing each-other over small arguments! Violence has started becoming a new face of our future.On international front, as everyone is aware, what’s going on is absolutely unacceptable. What’s happening in Iraq and Syria is disastrous! It’s really heartbreaking to see the plight of the families who once lived there in those countries happily are now forced to leave their home-land, their countries and migrate to other countries and live there as a refugee, sometimes labelled as unwanted refugees.

Some people are free to commit such heinous crime of killing away thousands of people in the name of God, in the name of religion. No religion in this world allow brutal killing of innocent people to take it forward and to spread its teachings. Women and kids are the most effected ones when any war sprouts up. Women are sexually assaulted and kids get deprived of their childhood, their stories, their games and education. They are forced to live a life of an orphan unwanted kid who has no future to look forward to and who has no dream to turn into reality.

With due respect to all the state heads, I have to say that there is somewhere a strong lack of commitment to end violence. What goes on behind those closed doors of G-20 or SAARC or ASEAN, seems just a blame-game, a heavy policy draft, some high-level discussions and that’s it! But when it comes to act on those policies, the promises start weakening. Some countries get busy in their clashes with each other and forget the real agenda. We need to stop this and what’s required is the real commitment of ending violence by all the State Heads. Problem of violence is so big that all the countries are required to come together, forgetting their personal problems and clashes to eradicate it from its root. From Syria to Somalia, from Iraq to Iran, and from Pakistan to Philippines the problem is same and growing. We need to come together; together we can do it and there is nothing which can stand in front of the power of Unity and Humanity, not even violence.

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