Want to Try our new product?

Posted by suriya gayathri
July 6, 2017

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“Have you tried our new gold based facial? ”

“Do you want to try our new range of hair fall prevention shampoos? ”

“Have you ever?…… ”

Etc, etc

So many times, so many unknown faces yet the same sympathic voice that drones on and on about how your face could look better without those pimples, without those blackheads, with better hair, with lesser weight.

Been on that side? It hurts. It makes you want to his your face forever, walk around the face of the earth with thick,bushy eyebrows, with a thick beautiful mustache.

Beauty has become subjective to the parlour and the beautician’s view of beauty. Accepting yourself the way you are is probably the hardest thing you will have to do in the current world.

On a whim, I would feel like getting my hair done so that I could feel nicer about myself but going to a parlour makes me want to stay back at home and try my hand at ironing by myself. Everytime I walk into a parlor I fear the looks on the beautician’s face. I fear the various products that I feel laugh at me when I walk past them. I fear to accept myself the way I am.

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