We are Tsunami of change, need to know the strength

Posted by Puneeta Singh
July 10, 2017

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http://It was a dark and rainy. Dark not because of lack of light but because of lack of hopes. Well the day was dark because another fight with some powerful senior who was misusing his positions power. All were victim of him but that day no one stood for me. On that day I realized how people have just become “talking queens”. They can just talk but when it comes to fight for standing something right, they find their victimized zone more comfortable. Again I started thinking maybe something wrong with me. I should keep quiet, close my eyes and let things happen whether it’s right or wrong. After my working hours I met my friend. Obviously meeting friend is always a fun. After talking to her I headed home. I was waiting for bus at stop and then I realized a weird creature (obviously a human), was gazing me. I was not alone there, plenty of people of all age and genders waiting for the same bus which got delayed because of rain. I ignored that person started talking my mom on phone. Then I realized this weird person came to the place where all women were standing. He starting signing some stupid teaser songs. Everyone observed him but they just ignored his stupidity. When he realized that no all timid are here he got more strength and he got half naked. Later he removed his pant off and started showing off his animal. Even this also did not provoke anyone there. The moment I looked at him half naked I disconnected call and went to him and kicked. I shouted and called some young boys standing near to him and shoed them what he is doing. Also I shouted to all men and women standing over there. I told how we could be so ignorant? Had we all together have scolded him the moment he was staring us he hadn’t got guts to take off his pants. Those women told me that even they observed him but dint dare to raise voice. I told today he got guts to this tomorrow he can rape and then murder. After that everyone started shouting and abusing at this guy which made him vanish from there in a moment. I After that I told everyone that it is we who are making criminals by not raising our voice for the wrong. Every time blaming government has become our habit. We don’t realize that handful of people are maintain government but we all common people are ocean whose Tsunami of strength can bring a change for better world. We all have to unite for betterment of us. We need to raise voice at our home, work place or wherever something wrong is happening. We need to change

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