When hatred overrules Humanity!

Posted by Astha Oriel
July 13, 2017

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With the growing lynching situation in India, it seems like India has become a battlefield for people. A place, a country which was pridefully known for ‘University in Diversity’, it seems like the beautiful country of different gods has turned into a massive war zone, where people of different religions are fighting to be superior than the other one. But the question is, who are directing these people to fight? Are the god’s themselves descended down to direct these people to start fighting in their names or are we totally misunderstanding the concept of religion?

When India got freedom in 1947, even before that, inorder to get freedom our ancestors fought, disregarding the concept of religion. If they would’ve thought about the religion they are in, and if they would’ve thought about protecting their religion, or what their gods will think, we wouldn’t have ever got any freedom. Infact our freedom is the effort of many Indians, who regardless of their religion fought as one for their nation.

But considering the events that are happening nowadays, it seems like we are again trapped in the same cycle. The only difference is that this time hatred is ruling our country, whereas in past it was the Britishers who pounced on the opportunity of differences amongst people in India. The concept of divide and rule was introduced by them but even after 70 years of independence, it’s still present amongst us. It’s, as if, nothing has changed except, as a country, we’ve grown and developed tremendiously. The same concept of hatred , introduced by the englishmen, has now started to crawl over our society.

The reality in itself is so shocking, if realised the amount of damage that has been done to the nation. If we open our eyes for one second, and let everything be clear other than a blur we would realise that no religion, no religious books, and no GODS have said anything or let alone supported the concept of hatred. Every religion teaches love and to care. Every religion teaches the concept of humanity.

Every religion is important in it’s own place. And just because we have a big ego and pride, we can’t see their teachings. Every religion teaches humanity. And humanity in itself, it’s a single entity. When we fight, we forget the humanity present in us. When we kill someone, the humanity present in us dies in itself and when we use the name of God, the name of religion to fight, we are upsetting our GODs.
So our pride and ego really this big that we forget what is Humanity is? Have we became so egOistic that we have forget the teachings of our religion? Or are we so ignorant, that we’re waiting for someone else to take advantage of the situations happening in our country?

We need to think, before acting now. It’s high time that we same blame game about religions. And it’s high time that we should stop listening to people who are masterminds in spreading hatred. We’re individuals in ourselves and we shouldn’t need anyone to tell us what’s wrong and what’s right, especially- the big mongers of the religion and the politicians. It should be our call what we want to do. Whether we want to settle an issue in a peaceful manner or whether we want to do it in a hard way- by fighting and blaming others, killing thousands of people who’ve no part in this.

It’s really high time for us to think what we want to teach our next generation. What we want to give them. A land full of hatred or a peaceful nation which they deserve.

It’s really a high time that we should start thinking about our actions and it’s consequences later on, in the future.


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