Posted by Astha Oriel
July 16, 2017

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Honesty is the best policy. It’s a saying that as kids were made to learn and more than learn, we were made to believe in this saying. As kids, we were taught to be honest in whatever we do. That being honest will not let us into any harm, that it’s the right thing to do infront of the God as well as humans. But as the time has changes and we’ve entered a stage in our life’s where everything has started making sense to us, it seems that probably all the moral sayings are just sayings. And nobody implies them or follows them.

We’ve seen many times that being honest has a price to pay. Especially in your job. There’re many set instances where, if a person is being honest and is doing his or her job with determination, he will be either transferred or else he’ll be demoted. It’s like you can’t question the persons above you. It’s like you don’t have any right.

I would really like to share a recent encounter that I had, where i clearly saw that honesty has to pay it’s price. A woman who was hailing from Jabalpur has worked in a government nursing college for past seven years. She had been appointed as the lecturer on paper with full order from the government as the lecturer working as the principal, since the college opened in the year 2010. Infact government themselves appointed her as the first principal for the collegiate programme, appointing her as the eligible one.

As the time passed the college has grown tremenduosly. The college is the number one college in the whole M.P. for it’s education and excelleny. The college had also many projects running in collaboration with other organizations. More than 500 students have passed out from the college under her guidance.

Now after seven years, the government has issued an order for the lady demoting her and saying that since she’s only the sister tutor and she is not eligible for being a principal and she should give her charge to someone else. Whereas clearly, when the lady was appointed the order said that she’s eligible for the principalship. Now the lady is demoted from her place because of the only mistake she’s done, that she didn’t listen to her senior officers when they were wrong and because she was doing all her work with her honesty.

So according to the government, she was eligible as the principal seven years back and now she’s not?

Infact the humility has gone to the level, where the media was involved and fake news was spread that the lady is too stubborn to give the incharge as principal to the appointed one, who’s a PHNO, and doesn’t fit the criteria by Indian nursing council as the principal. According to the Indian nursing council a PHNO, and a DPHNO are not meant to work under educational as well as clinical sides of the nursing college. They only can work in public health sector. But despite of the norms created by the Indian Nursing Council, the PHNO was appointed as the principal of the nursing college.
The criteria for the principal in a nursing college, according to Indian nursing council, is 15 years experience with Msc in nursing out of which 12 years should be tge teaching experience with minimum of 5years in colleagiate programmes. The lady about whom I’m mentioning this encounter has done her Msc nursing in the year 2010 and was in the teaching field for the past 33 years, while the PHNO, who’s the appointed principal now, has done her MSc in nursing in the year 2014. That means the appointed PHNO didn’t do her Msc nursing when the lady completed her MSc and joined the college as principal.

So this means to make something happen, the govt officers can overlook the norms made by an organization.

Is this the price honesty has to pay? Is this a game that government officers play when things doesn’t go in their way? Or is this the price that we are expected to pay when we take a job?

So please guys tell me, is this the way an honest person should be treated? What the lady should do? Is this what someone receives after giving determination of work?


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