When our rights Are Wronged?

Posted by Aastha Gaur
July 11, 2017

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‘Democracy stands strong on the pillars of beurocracy and politics.’
How many more incidents do we crave to prove this wrong?
Aren’t we realising that the same pillars that are mentioned above, are making this country a pothole?
Aren’t we ready to accept that with each passing day, we’re pushing, rather taking everyone together into the direction where respect and safety have no value.
From the smallest town possible to where the broad minded reside, crime is spreading its roots as if it were watered everyday.
A few days back, a woman in Jodhpur was taken by ‘drunk’ policemen to the police station and molested cruelly.
Who on earth, gave them the right to touch another body when they’re not in their senses, and demean her existence? How many more such incidents do we need to understand that safety has disappeared and aristocracy is ready to take over.
Another incident included a doctor whose car was burnt and firing rounds took place outside his house.
Not just him, but his friend also fell pray to this. We talk about changing the face of politics and this nation, but do we realise, what should be our priority?
Cleansing our own selves.
Building political connections by crisp green pieces of paper is no way out of this labyrinth. Beaurocrats, politicians, policemen, were for our safety and well being, right? Or have we been reading and believing all wrong? What happened to their duties.
My words regarding policemen and politicians should not be taken as a general statement for the whole lot.
There are individuals who drink their own sweat and sacrifice so much, just for us. I am, in no way, blaming them.
Swords should be put across those necks who have traded their self respect to earn pleasure and position. This might come across as a very arrogant comment, but if we think about it, what is wrong?
They are gently cutting our necks, but it is killing you, right? So why care who cares?
Can we let innocent lives struggle in the pursuit of our ‘caretakers” pleasure? Can we let men touch women and rip her clothes apart?
Let’s stop bearing and start acting.
For the right.
For our rights.

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