When She is depressed…She is not ill…!!

Posted by shweta Khare
July 20, 2017


Well most of us consider that when a Venus is depressed she is ill. That’s not true at all. Depression is a just word to describe your condition when you are depressed or saddened or unhappy. That does not state you fell in a disease. We all have our highs and lows/pinks and blues. It is not always the happy moments that we can post on a social network for some likes and opinions . We have few darker days, the unhappy us not in a mood to dance.  
I wonder,life would be so boring if had every day just so perfect to hang on. Getting down and then lifting yourself up is such a challenge to make life adventurous. Prooving yourself to your own basics again, makes you polish the wood of your life to let it shine in the Sun. So,to all the ladies out there don’t feel ashamed if you are depressed because you are not ill. Never forget you are a Venus decendant so, you have the power to walk through thick and thin. Let everyone around know you are just depressed at times and not ill. “Say chees ,say cheers !!” #PC google

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