Where is my Home ? A question asked by a girl

Posted by Manisha Singh
July 18, 2017

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I read lots of post on Youth ki Awaaz. I also wanted to post my own story here.  It’s my first post hope you would like it .

We live in a country where we got constitutional right ” Right of equality” but the question is did we really get Equality?  I’m a girl and luckily my parents won’t treat me as a girl who is different from boys. So, Since my childhood I never felt discrimination.  But I saw everywhere in society, people always knocked girls like don’t do this don’t do that. Don’t shout because you’re a girl you have to go to someone else house and that house is your own house. What does it mean ? The house in which i’m living since childhood is not mine. And when girls get married and come to their husband’s house thinking that finally I found my home. But slowly they realised that this house is also not their own house . Because whenever they tried to attached with people there they always remind her that she came from another family.

I wonder we don’t have our house. And if we have then which one ? One in which i expand my childhood and 25 years of my life or the second one in which i have too spend my entire life ? And at the end we hear from both houses that this is not my house.

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